Sunday, April 7, 2013

Collector's Cache Box (Part III)

The past couple of posts have been dedicated to exploring a "Collector's Cache Box" that I picked up at Target for $14.99.

You can read what I've gotten so far here and here.

To review, here is what the box states I will get:

1 storage case that holds 1,100 cards!
Over 500 cards from various years, manufacturers and players,
1 game used or autograph card,
1 Major League Baseball Collector Patch,
3 Factory Sealed Packs,
1 one touch,

So we've reviewed the storage case and the over 500 cards from various years, manufacturers and players.

(It was over 500 cards. 507 cards to be exact. Yes I counted.)

Next on the list is 1 game used or autograph card.

A dual swatch of Scott Rolen from 2005 Donruss Diamond Kings...

...numbered 002/100.

Now we see the Major League Baseball collector patch.

I do not like collector patches. I also do not like the Yankees. So you shouldn't be surprised that I really do not like Yankee collector patches.

First one to say they want it, owns it. No trade necessary.

Here are the 3 factory sealed packs.

Pack #1

2012 Topps Opening Day.

There weren't very many celebrations for the Red Sox during the 2012 season.

Pack #2

2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update. I see this everywhere. Something tells me this is going to be as commonplace as seeing 1989 Topps.

Pack #3

1990 Donruss. A set I haven't finished, so I probably need some of them.

So here is what a "One Touch" looks like.

I honestly had no idea what a one touch was. Now I know.

Last, but not least, are the collector coins.

Excuse me, I mean the COLLECTOR COINS!!!

I'd already acquired some of these via the repack route, but only a few at a time. This box has 86.

It's a 60 coin set issued by Topps from 1990. I ended up with about half of it with plenty of dupes.
(6 Bret Saberhagens!)

So it delivered as promised, and it was fun to see what was inside. As a veteran of the repacks, I'm not sure I would get another one, probably because I don't need 86 more coins.

Unless of course, they include the other half of the set I don't have.

And no Bret Saberhagens.

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  1. The coins are what's keeping me from buying one of these things.

    That, and hauling that thing to the register and getting the once over from the cashier.