Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016 Topps Archives Update

Just thought I'd do a quick post and show off the cards that JediJeff from 2X3 Heroes sent to help me out with 2016 Archives. You can see what else I need here. I've got plenty of dupes myself so if you want to work out a trade, that's great!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Decision 2016

Is anybody else out there doing this set? I've bought a blaster and a bunch of packs but now I keep getting the same cards over and over again. This means I've got plenty of dupes and I'd like to finish it as soon as possible because I'm sure I won't see this again after the election is over. Comment on this post with your email (if I don't already have it) and we can trade wantlists. Thanks!

Friday, September 23, 2016

2016 Allen & Ginter

My wantlist for this set is up. You can see it here. Any help would be appreciated!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Return Of The Card Show

Card shows take the summer off in my area, so even though I am not a fan of the month of September, it does mean I can spend at least one Sunday a month at a card show. With my new job (actually I've been there a year now already) paying me significantly more than my previous job, it's allowed me to buy hobby boxes rather than the occasional blaster at WalMart or Target. Consequently, I've spent quite a bit more on cards this year.

Usually I will wait until repacks or discounted boxes to try to put together the Bowman set, but this year I've bought two hobby boxes and a few blasters...and still need a pretty fair amount to complete the base set, Bowman Prospects and Bowman Chrome Prospects. The first table I stopped at had plenty of each.

I ended up with three cards I needed from the base set, six from the Bowman Prospects set and twenty-six from the Bowman Chrome Prospects set.

I'm also working on the Allen & Ginter set, although I've yet to make a list. Unlike the Archives set of this year, the SP's are much easier to find, so this is actually going to be a first as I will consider the SPs as part of the set. I found a couple at this table that I was unsure if I had them or not, so I picked them up as well.

(Turns out the Gomes I already had, the D'Arnaud I didn't.)

I also picked up a couple of Red Sox Prospects. I spent three dollars total at this table.

The next table I went to had three of the Bowman cards I needed. It was seventy cents for the three (the Seager was fifty and the other two were ten cents apiece). I picked up three other cards from a dime box to send out in future trade packages to make it an even dollar. This also finished off the Bowman base set plus the Prospects set. You can find out what Chrome Prospects cards that I need here. If you've got them, I've probably got something you need in return.

The next table I went to was the dealer that I usually get all of the cool oddball cards from. He had a lot of movie and television show cards this time around and I wasn't really interested in what he had on his table. 

That was until I saw the stack of 1977 Hostess cards in top loaders. 

I asked how much, and he said a dollar each. It was more than I really wanted to pay, but they were players like George Brett and Robin Yount and they were all in good condition. He then brought out a bunch more that were loose and featured players like Rick Waits and Roger Metzger. These he told me were twenty-five cents each. So from the twenty-five cent stack I selected these:

He had about twenty or so in the dollar pile and I picked out ten of them.

All told, I spent fifteen dollars at this table on Hostess cards.

Next I stopped at my last table of the day. This dealer had some monster boxes filled with just Red Sox cards at ten cents each. The ranged from the early 1980's to 1991 and were in order by year and by brand. I flipped through them quickly and after the 1991 Topps cards were these beauties:

I think this is all of the Red Sox from the Desert Shield set that was supposed to be sent to troops in Saudia Arabia, but from what I understand a lot of cards didn't make it there.

From the same table I also picked up the 1985 Donruss Season Higlights, the 1987 Donruss Highlights and the 1990 Donruss Rookies sets. These three sets plus the Desert Shield cards cost me three dollars total.

But what's coming up was my biggest find of the day.

I'm still at the same table, but now I'm looking at the bins that are on the floor. There are four or five of them filled with mostly stuff you don't want (like boxes of Harry & The Hendersons). Everything was five dollars each. In the last bin I found what was (to me) the reason I go to card shows.

A complete set of 1982 Topps Baseball stickers!

A complete set of 1982 Topps Football stickers!

I have both of these sticker books and have been trying to complete them since 1982. 

But it gets better.  I was told by the dealer at the table that he would also do three for ten.


I picked up another set of the 1982 Topps stickers. Which means if you are trying to complete this set yourself, I've got what you need. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I Buy Stuff Like This So You Don't Have To (Chapter 2)

Strolling down the card aisle at WalMart I spotted this:

You've probably seen these...they boast 1 autograph card, 1 memorabilia card, 1 fat pack and 2 other packs for $14.99. Yes I know, this has "rip-off" written all over it. Let's see how bad the damage is.

First the fat pack:

Not only a fat pack...but a discounted fat pack...and from a set I've already finished. 2015 Topps is starting to become like 1989 Topps. It's everywhere.

Since I've already finished this set there wasn't anything that I needed. Even a few of the inserts were dupes.

Here's pack #1.

2016 Babe Ruth Collection...which is a set very similar to the Pete Rose one from a few years ago. And...another set that I've finished. I was disappointed in this set because I found it to be overpriced and simply blah. If you've never seen it here are scans of the front and back of one card.

Pack #2

2010 Topps Chrome.

Maybe eventually these packs will bend into the shape of a c for "chrome".

So the packs were duds too. All we have left to redeem this sorry experience is the memorabilia and autograph cards. Let's look at the memorabilia card first.

2007 Topps Turkey Red Nefi Perez bat card. He tested positive three times for drugs and was out of baseball at the end of 2007.

Just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Now the autograph.

2006 Topps Co-Signers Anthony Lerew. Although he hasn't officially retired, he last played in the majors with the Kansas City Royals in 2010. His lifetime stats include a won/loss record of 1 - 7 with an ERA of 7.48.


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Airbrushed Awfulness - 1988 Topps Traded Buddy Bell

I was just sorting cards this evening and stumbled upon this beauty.

Never mind the airbrushed Panini-style jersey...look at that hat!

Monday, August 15, 2016

2016 Topps Archives

Topps Archives has been my favorite product of the year so far. Mainly because of cards like this.

The 1979 set is one of my all time favorites, plus I also like the 1991 set. Right now though, I'm at the point where there is no more use in buying anymore unless I want to add more dupes to the growing stack I've accumulated.

So here is what I need to finish the set. I'm not even bothering with SPs because with all the boxes and packs that I've purchased I've gotten a grand total of two.

298, 249, 202, 198, 197, 193, 182, 171, 158, 156, 151, 137, 129, 127, 115, 112, 110, 95, 81, 76, 56, 55, 48, 46, 38, 33, 14, 3

Does anybody out there have some dupes out there to help me finish the set? As you can see, I've got a pretty fair amount myself. Maybe I've got something you need. I do have a few inserts as well.

Now I'm onto Allen & Ginter!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Bowman

Hi everybody, I just posted what cards I need for the 2016 Bowman set here. Any help would be appreciated. I do have some dupes as well for anybody out there who is trying to complete the set themselves.

Bowman Want List

Here is the list of what I need for the various Bowman Baseball sets.
If you don't see something listed, I either don't have any or haven't figured out what I need yet.
This list will be updated constantly as I sort my collection. Thanks for checking!

Updated 05/18/23

2009 Bowman Chrome

220 - 190, 188, 186, 185, 182, 180 - 178, 175, 174, 170, 168, 166, 162, 158, 157, 154, 150, 147, 146, 143 - 137, 134, 133, 130 - 128, 126, 125, 121, 118 - 116, 114 - 112, 110 - 100, 98, 97, 94, 93, 90, 89, 86, 83, 82, 80, 78, 77, 74, 73,  71 - 65, 63 - 56, 54, 53, 50, 49, 46 - 40, 38, 37, 34, 33, 30 - 25, 23 - 16, 14, 13, 10 - 8, 6 - 1

2016 Bowman

BP139, BP106, BP45, BP39, BP36, BP20, BP9, BP3, BCP150, BCP149, BCP147, BCP142, BCP140 - BCP138,  BCP135, BCP130, BCP125 - BCP123, BCP121, BCP120, BCP114, BCP107, BCP106, BCP104, BCP101, BCP98, BCP95, BCP92, BCP90, BCP82 - BCP79, BCP77, BCP73, BCP72, BCP66, BCP58, BCP57, BCP52, BCP51, BCP48, BCP47, BCP45, BCP39 - BCP37, BCP34, BCP29, BCP24, BCP22, BCP20, BCP19, BCP13, BCP9, BCP5 - BCP3, 150, 100, 92, 10

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2016 Topps Heritage...Done!

Well, this weekend was the local card show and I had one goal in mind. Get as close to finishing 2016 Heritage as you can. So far this year I'm two cards away from finishing 2016 Topps Series 1 and I've finished 2016 Topps Opening Day. I've bought a box plus a random assortment of packs and hanging boxes and have come up one hundred and twenty-seven cards short of completing the base set.

The first table I went to always has a bunch of singles from the past few years. I was happy to find a couple rows of Heritage and believe it or not...I was able to find all hundred and twenty-seven cards I needed! I also grabbed a couple of memorabilia cards that they had priced at a buck a piece and paid ten dollars for the whole haul. Not bad for starters. I had been there about twenty minutes and had already accomplished what I had set out to do.

Next I went to the dealer that usually has all of the oddball cards. Unfortunately all of the vintage football, hockey and basketball that I passed on last month was not here this time. Oh well, my loss.

There was only a few cards that I was interested in on his table, so I picked up this 1976 Topps John Candelaria.

I think I might have all of these already, but they are better copies.

I also picked up this 1978 Willie Montanez... well as these three from 1979 Topps.

After this I went to another table (which ended up being the last one that I purchased anything from). He had a bunch of monster boxes of cards, (which were not sorted in numerical order...a pet peeve of mine), but nonetheless I was able to disregard my feelings of anguish and fill some wantlist needs.

First I was able to find thirty-four that I needed from 2012 Topps Heritage. Still have a long way to go on this one.

Then I picked up ten from 2015 Topps.

Going through the monster boxes, I was able to find some from a set I really liked, 2011 Topps Lineage. I needed almost half the set, and was able to find a whopping eighty-seven cards that I needed!

I only need four cards to complete the set. I am missing...

196 - Ichiro (All-Star Rookie)
91 - Brent Morel
42 - Jackie Robinson
2 - Derek Jeter

If anybody out there has any of these four, I'd like to make a trade for them. I'm sure I've got some cards in return that you would need. Additionally, I'm now working on 2016 Bowman. Is anybody out there doing that set?

Once again, I was able to get a good amount of cards for very little money. Another successful show in my opinion.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's A Crime To Pay More Than A Dime (Part II)

Here's the second half of what I got at last month's card show. The first post can be seen here.

Anytime I see cards from the 1977 - 79 Topps sets, I usually end of buying a few. As I've mentioned on this blog before, these are the first sets that I collected and I have finished none of them.

Another early set (for me) that I haven't finished is 1982 Topps. I'm not sure if I need this card or not, but the price was right.

I wasn't sure if this was an Eric Davis rookie card or not (it is), but I was pretty sure I needed it.

I mentioned this on my blog before, but both card shops in my area sell 1500 ct boxes of commons for ten bucks. I've gotten a lot of the 1987 Donruss Rookies set via them, but I'd never gotten the Palmeiro card.

The same story pertains to this 1989 Score Update Jim Abbott.

There were plenty of Ken Griffey Jr. promo cards, but I liked this one from the 1992 National Sports Convention in Atlanta, Ga the best.

He had some vintage hockey as well (late 70's), which are also sets that I collected as a kid (but of course didn't finish). I've got wantlists somewhere for these, but didn't buy any of the hockey cards because I don't need very many and don't know which ones they are.

He also had a lot of late 70's basketball as well. I only grabbed these 1980-81 Topps, which was all he had for this set. I should have picked up a lot more of the other vintage basketball, because unlike the hockey sets from this time period, I only have a handful.

He also had some vintage football. I only bought a couple of cards (like this 1977 Ray Rhodes), and I regret not buying more. Maybe they'll still be some at the next show.

Yes, I wish I had bought more.

I picked this card up because I have foolish visions of trying to complete this set.

He had a lot of Drew Bledsoe cards. I picked up two that I knew I didn't have. This one from 1993 Classic Four Sport...

...and from a set I really like, 1994 Action Packed Quarterback Challenge.

I paid slightly more that a dime for this 1979 Red Sox program (but not much more).

My memory must be failing me, because I don't ever remember Rick Averbach...

...or Dennis Marinez.

The program was scored though.

The game was August 16, 1979 and the Red Sox won 7-5. Allen Ripley was the winning pitcher and Mike Proly was the loser. Fred Lynn, Bob Watson and Butch Hobson all hit home runs for the Red Sox.

Another nice and cheap haul for me!