Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gone But Not Forgotten

Kaz from "This Way To The Clubhouse" may not blog anymore, but he certainly comes to mind when I have an excess of "useless" Mets. I sent him a few a while back and he responded by sending me some "very useful" Red Sox.

Most of these names are pretty familiar even to non-Red Sox fans save for Michael Chavis who is currently in Double A. According to, he is a third baseman with "defensive struggles".

Awesome. Just what we need.

Blake Swihart is/was a promising catching prospect currently playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox. Then last year they put him in left field. Now they are going to try him at first and third base.

Rusney Castillo is making 11 million dollars a year while playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox. What a gig.

Thanks Mark for all of the great cards! Hope all is well!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Memory Isn't What It Used To Be...On Second Thought I've Always Been This Way

Well that's certainly the longest title for a post that I've written...and it's based on fact. My wife still insists on starting questions with "Do you remember when...?" or "Remember the time when...?" and I always give her the same answer.


How do I remember important things like her birthday? Britney Spears was born the same day. I just Google Britney Spears if I need to know. (I'm just kidding, I know it's December 2nd. Um...hold on, I'll be right back.)

Yes, it's December 2nd. I knew it.

So you wouldn't be surprised to know I screwed up making a purchase recently.

I saw the one hundred card 1993 Classic Hockey Draft Set for a dollar.

If you were into hockey in the early to mid 90's you would recognize a lot of names in the set.

This was one of the many partial sets I had...until I found this.

I was looking through all of the cards, happy that I could finally file this set under "completed".

Although I did seem to recall that there were some Manon Rheaume cards that I was not seeing.

You probably don't know this name unless you were a Bruins fan.

I looked through all one hundred cards and then I remembered...'s a hundred AND FIFTY card set.


Monday, July 24, 2017

I Give Up

(Not on blogging, just trying to come up with a title for this post that isn't stupid.)

When I'm at a card show, I'm not only looking for baseball cards. Although I also collect football, hockey and basketball cards, when I see a good deal on movie/television cards I end up with those instead.

That said, when I stumble upon a table that has a lot of these types of cards I'm usually not interested in about 99 percent of them. But when they are sets of cards that I collected when I was a kid (and of course didn't complete) and I can pick up them up for cheap, you have my attention.

The first set I picked up was the eighty-eight card 1979 Topps Incredible Hulk set. (Unfortunately it did not come with the twenty-two stickers.) The set was in really good condition...much better than the heavily creased partial set that I currently had.

The backs of the cards either had "TV Facts"...

...or a piece of one of these four puzzles.

Also making the trek home with me was the sixty-six card "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" set. Again, the stickers were not included. This was another set that I had a few "well loved" cards from. I didn't realize this until I looked the set up on Cardboard Connection, but Richard Dreyfuss is nowhere to be found on these cards.

Like the Incredible Hulk set, the backs of the cards had either facts about it...

...or a piece of a puzzle.

The final set I picked up was from a movie that I hadn't seen until about 10 years ago.

Even though I was alive in the 70's, I was far too young to experience anything like this...

...although I did get to ride in a station wagon numerous times back then... the back...

...without a seatbelt...

...sitting on the hump.

We were crazy back then.

Just like the three for ten dollar price tag for this trip down memory lane.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cards From The Binder (Chapter 10)

Something in my house is white and fat....

I'm not a binder kind of guy, but I do have one that houses a veritable potpourri of cards and other things that have absolutely no relation to each other. So every now and then I feature a few cards from this mess, which usually translates into a post with very few views.

I'm not a comic book collector, but this card was included in the "Death of Superman" comic book that was released in 1992.

I bought two to open and one to keep just in case, you know in case it became valuable (which it didn't).

This is a 1995 Fleer Metal Trent Dilfer. Like many of the cards in this binder, I can't remember how I acquired it. I was buying any sportscard magazines I could find and this was probably included in one of them.

They didn't call this a promo card, they called it a sample card...hence the S-1 on the back.

The next "sample" card from 95-96 Fleer Metal was definitely from a magazine, I just can't remember which one.

I don't think you can tell from the scans, but the left side and bottom of the card have perforated edges. If my memory serves me correctly (and we all know how that goes), there were three other cards attached to this one.

I actually liked Collector's Edge football back in the day. This was one of four promo cards released (the other three were Ronnie Lott, Jim Everett and Bernie Kosar).

I think this may have come out of a Tuff Stuff magazine. Anybody remember that one? I've read it's now called Sports Collectors Monthly. I used to buy this magazine a lot back in the '90s. I liked the articles but their price guides were quite unrealistic. I remember not being able to give away Starting Lineup pieces they were listing for $50.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

1982 Brigham's/Coca-Cola Red Sox Set

One of my "finds" at one of the recent card shows I attended was a dealer that had boxes of 3 card packs of the 1982 Brigham's/Coca-Cola Red Sox set. Even though the dealer wanted a buck a pack, I still bought several of them.

It was a twenty-two card set (not including the title card...which was in every pack).

Included in this pack along with Dennis Eckersley was...

...Rick Miller...

...and Gary Allenson.

Sadly, with all the packs I bought, I wasn't able to get all the cards for the set.

Right now I'm missing:

2. Tom Burgmeier
15. Chuck Rainey
18. Bob Stanley
20. Mike Torrez
22. Carl Yastrzemski

So if anybody has any of those five cards, I'd be willing to make a trade for them. I also have some dupes as well.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


According to Billboard Magazine, this was the biggest song of 1978.

According to me, this was the biggest baseball card of 1978.

I've had a copy of "Shadow Dancing" for quite some time, but I didn't have a copy of the Eddie Murray card until this past week. 

I had gone into my LCS just to pick up a storage box and while I was paying for it, noticed the card in the case below. I told the owner of the shop that I only wanted to know how much he wanted for it, but at only $20 I couldn't pass it up.

So now let's rewind back to the February card show that I've been posting about for the past few months. This will be the last post about it because I'm at the last table. This dealer had a bunch of 1977 and 1978 Topps commons and only wanted a dime a piece for them. If you've read my previous posts, you know that I've already spent a bunch of money, so I was going to stop at fifty cards for five dollars and then I was going to call it a day.

I had my want list with me this time (so there would be no guessing), and picked cards that I needed from the '77 set and from the '78 set (mostly from the '77 set).

When I told him I had fifty of the cards he said "Two dollars."

I said "I'll keep looking." Now I was going after any card I needed.

So for my original budget of five dollars I ended up bringing home...

Two hundred and two cards from the 1977 set...

...and eighteen from the 1978 set.

The condition of the majority of the cards was not bad and you certainly couldn't beat the price.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's Still February Here

I managed to buy quite a bit at the card show I attended last February. I also spent more at this card show than I had in a long time. The next table I went to had a bunch of sets for $1 each.

The 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes set. This was a forty-four card set with color illustrations of players such as Ty Cobb, Josh Gibson, Mickey Mantle and a player with one of the coolest nicknames, James "Cool Papa" Bell.

Also purchased at the same time was the forty card 1983 Topps All-Star Set. Yaz was the only Red Sox player in the set.

Even though I've gotten a good chunk of the one hundred and ten card 1990 Pacific Baseball Legends set via repacks and trades with other bloggers, it felt good to just get the whole set at once. If you read the card backs like myself, there's always a lot of good information there.

The last set I picked up at this table was the 1992 forty-five card Score 90's Impact Player Set. While there were some impact players like Ken Griffey Jr. and Jeff Bagwell, there was also Gary Cooper, Andy Mota and Rich DeLucia.

I just hope nobody ever paid $18 for this.