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Classic Wax 18 Pack Baseball Box (Part 2)


Here is the second half of the box of Classic Wax Baseball. The first half was quite good as the highlight was a 1976 Topps Pete Rose that was not bad looking. Let's see what else I can find!

Pack 10

1980 Topps Buddy Solomon
1991 Donruss The Rookies Mo Vaughn
1990 Fleer Kirby Puckett
1982 Topps N.L. All Star Bruce Sutter
1983 Donruss Luis DeLeon
1978 Topps Rudy Meoli
1964 Topps Roman Mejias
1993 Classic Four Sport Kelly Wunsch
2021 Topps Heritage In Action Jose Berrios 
1971 Topps Billy Wilson
1990 Score Mark McGwire
1981 Donruss Kent Tekulve
1983 Fleer Fred Stanley
2008 Topps Opening Day Brian Bannister

The 1971 Billy Wilson was in quite good condition.

Pack 11

1978 Topps Derrel Thomas 
1986 Donruss Highlights Don Sutton
1991 Leaf Kirby Puckett
1987 Fleer Limited Edition Robin Yount
1983 Donruss Greg Harris
1986 Topps Record Breaker Fernando Valenzuela 
1979 Topps Johnny Bench
1994 Fleer Ultra Fred McGriff
1984 Topps Traded Al Oliver
1963 Topps Elston Howard
1990 Fleer Duane Ward
1971 Topps Tom Dukes
2020 Topps "The Amazing Rhys" Rhys Hoskins
1987 Donruss Opening Day Ed Hearn

Best cards of this pack were the '79 Bench and '63 Howard.

Pack 12 

1990 Bowman Scott Aldred
1989 Donruss Steve Jeltz
1984 Topps Purina Gary Carter 
1973 Topps Rico Carty
1980 Topps Don Baylor (Autographed)
2021 Donruss Optic "Mythical" Mookie Betts
1989 Score Cal Ripken Jr. 
1977 Topps Dwight Evans
1988 Classic Red Kirby Puckett 
1994 Collector's Choice Tony Gwynn 
1976 Topps Mike Caldwell
1983 Donruss Larry Gura
1984 Topps Doug Rader
1981 Donruss Jim Slaton

There is one autograph per box. The color on the wax wrapper is brighter, so you can tell which pack contains it. These are not certified so they must be either TTM or in person. Irregardless, it's a nice touch. I also like the '77 Dwight Evans.

Pack 13

1981 Topps Wayne Garland
1979 Topps Dave Chalk
1991 Score Dream Team Ken Griffey Jr. 
1990 Topps Bo Jackson
1981 Donruss Dave Concepcion
1962 Topps Merritt Ranew
1982 Oakland A's Batting & Pitching Leaders Rickey Henderson/Steve McCatty
1987 Hygrade Babe Ruth
1993 Fleer Ultra Raul Mondesi
1977 Topps Jim Willoughby 
1973 Topps Jesus Alou
2019 Topps Heritage Joe Harvey
1989 Topps Traded Deion Sanders 
2008 Topps Opening Day Grady Sizemore

Favorite card here is the '77 Jim Willoughby (of course).

Pack 14

1986 Donruss Diamond Kings Bob Boone
1982 Topps Jerry Don Gleaton
1991 Fleer Ultra Rickey Henderson 
1988 Topps Kmart Memorable Moments Ozzie Smith
1973 Topps Ken Sanders
1988 Classic Red Mark McGwire/Don Mattingly
1975 Topps Carl Yastrzemski 
1983 Topps Boston Red Sox Batting & Pitching Leaders Jim Rice/Bob Stanley 
1986 Fleer Star Stickers Dwight Gooden
1977 Topps Mike Torrez
1982 Fleer Mike Vail
2011 Topps Samuel Deduno
1979 Topps Nino Espinosa
1981 Donruss Lary Sorensen

Favorite card is the '75 Carl Yastrzemski (a bit miscut though).

Pack 15

1992 Fleer Ultra Gene Nelson
1978 Topps Denny Doyle
1988 Score Nolan Ryan
1957 Topps Chuck Tanner
1987 Topps Barry Bonds
2020 Topps League Leaders Christian Yelich
1973 Topps Jim Brewer
1979 Topps Jim Willoughby 
1990 Topps Rock Raines
1984 Topps Purina Fred Lynn
1989 Donruss Don Mattingly
1984 Topps Traded Glenn Wilson
1976 Topps Rudy Meoli
1987 Topps Jim Dwyer

A few highlights in this pack...first off, the 1957 Topps Chuck Tanner. This was the oldest card in the box and in pretty decent condition for being 65 years old. Even though I already have a few,  I will never get tired of pulling 1987 Topps Barry Bonds rookies. The 1978 Topps Denny Doyle was a favorite of mine as a youth, and we see the second appearance of Rudy Meoli, whose 1975 Topps card could just have easily been the banner for my blog.

Pack 16

1984 Topps Lee Mazzilli
1992 Fleer Ultra All-Star Insert Tom Glavine
1984 Topps All-Star Set Cecil Cooper
1990 Bowman Alejandro Pena
1973 Topps Ed Goodson
1990 Topps All-Star Ozzie Smith
1989 Fleer Dale Murphy
1986 Fleer Star Stickers Tony Gwynn
1982 Donruss Cal Ripken Jr.
1990 Donruss Gorge Brett
1985 Topps Franklin Stubbs
1991 All-Star Mike Scioscia
1982 Topps Bob McClure
1989 Upper Deck Manny Trillo

I was quite surprised to pull the '82 Donruss Ripken rookie. Itis miscut and off center, but I don't care. I didn't have one before and now I do.

Pack 17

1996 Fleer Update Ken Ryan
1978 Topps J.R. Richard
1990 Donruss Cal Ripken Jr.
1974 Topps Carl Taylor
1982 Donruss Bronx Bombers Reggie Jackson/Dave Winfield
2005 Bowman Roy Halladay
1990 Upper Deck Juan Gonzalez
1982 Topps Nolan Ryan
1980 Topps Terry Puhl
1985 Topps Bobby Cox
1985 Fleer Britt Burns
1976 Topps Mike Kekich
2003 Topps Rick Reed
1989 Upper Deck Gerald Perry

The 1982 Topps Nolan Ryan and the 1990 Upper Deck Juan Gonzalez Rookie lead the way here.

Pack 18

1998 Upper Deck Marty Cordova
1990 Upper Deck Robin Ventura
1976 Topps Tom Buskey
1974 Topps Toby Harrah
1987 Donruss Greg Maddux
1990 Donruss Diamond Kings John Smoltz
1987 Topps Rickey Henderson 
1994 Post Mark Whiten
1991 Score Rookie Of The Year Dave Justice
1982 Topps Mike Proly
1982 Fleer Tom Herr
1981 Donruss Duane "Dwane" Kuiper
2000 Topps Jay Buhner
1992 Donruss Royce Clayton

The last pack provides one more surprise...a 1987 Donruss Greg Maddux Rookie. 

I hadn't done too well with my couple of boxes of Repacked Wax, however I did much better with Classic Wax. I didn't bother to figure out the value of the cards I pulled from the box, but it's a safe bet to assume they exceeded the cost (even with being shorted one card from almost every pack). If ROI is your main concern, this really isn't the route to take, but from this very limited comparison I would choose Classic Wax. Remember, it also is about $40 more a box. If it's just about having fun and/or taking a trip down memory lane, either one of them will do the trick.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Classic Wax 18 Pack Baseball Box (Part 1)


I've done a couple of Repacked Wax posts, so here is another repack offering called Classic Wax. The concept is the same, and there is also 18 packs of 15 cards (which I will break up into 2 posts)...although these are a bit more expensive ($99.99 after shipping and handling). So let's see if that translates into higher end cards. 

Pack 1

1978 Topps Greg Minton
1990 Fleer Tony Gwynn
1988 Leaf Dave Winfield
1975 Topps Clyde Wright
2005 Bowman Joe Mauer
1985 Topps Dave Bergman
1976 Topps Pete Rose
1982 Fleer Gary Lucas
1986 Leaf Diamond Kings Orel Hershiser
1990 Donruss Dale Murphy
1989 Topps Roberto Alomar
1982 Topps Mike Tyson
1987 Hygrade Baseball's All-Time Greats Paul Waner
1988 Classic Red Terry Steinbach
1989 Upper Deck Tony Phillips

A  1976 Pete Rose? Not a bad start at all. I must say I do enjoy watching all the YouTubers open these boxes...especially when they pull something like that 1987 Hygrade Paul Waner and have absolutely no idea what or who that is.

Pack 2

2020 Topps Heritage Scott Kingery 
1986 Fleer Baseball's Best Reggie Jackson
1976 Topps Tom Veryzer
1990 Fleer Ken Griffey Jr 
1994 Pacific Robin Yount
1964 Topps Len Gabrielson 
1982 Donruss Diamond Kings Johnny Bench
1989 Upper Deck Andre Dawson
1993 Classic Four Sport Brian Anderson
1992 Conlon Collection Freddie Lindstrom
1980 Topps Cardinals Future Stars George Frazier/Tom Herr/Dan O'Brien 
1984 Topps Alejandro Pena
1986 Donruss Diamond Kings Jerry Koosman
1981 Donruss Jeff Newman

The first 60's card is a 1964 Topps. One of the things I noticed is that the conditions of the older cards are much better than Repacked Wax (as they should be). A card like the 1992 Freddie Lindstrom would also bring confusion to most YouTubers.

Pack 3

1980 Topps Ron Guidry
1983 Topps Super Veteran Al Oliver
1989 Pacific Baseball Legends Phil Cavaretta
1990 Donruss Robin Yount
1986 Topps Eddie Murray
1973 Topps Marty Perez
1988 Fleer Lee Smith
1970 Topps RBI Leaders Harmon Killebrew/Boog Powell/Reggie Jackson
1991 Leaf Tom Glavine
1982 Topps St Louis Cardinals Batting & Pitching Leaders Keith Hernandez/Bob Forsch
1976 Topps Stan Thomas 
1982 Fleer Reggie Cleveland
2000 Topps Francisco Cordova
1989 Topps George Bell

The 1970 Topps RBI Leaders card was a quite good shape...although miscut, a common occurrence in these types of boxes.

 Pack 4

1996 Fleer Update Kevin Brown
1986 Topps Alan Trammell
1978 Topps Jerry Royster
2005 Topps David Ortiz
1990 Donruss Lee Smith
1975 Topps Ted Kubiak
1985 Topps Dave Meier
1976 Topps Rod Carew
1982 Fleer Juan Eichelberger
1986 Leaf Doyle Alexander
2003 Upper Deck Russ Ortiz
1977 Topps Vern Ruhle
1982 Topps Alvis Woods
2004 Topps Traded Jim Crowell

1976 Topps Rod Carew! My only complaint so far is that the majority of packs only had 14 cards instead of the 15 that was stated on the wrappers.

Pack 5

1978 Topps Bob Bailor
1990 Fleer Dave Winfield
1977 Topps Dock Ellis
1985 Topps Bret Saberhagen
1987 Donruss Highlights Mark McGwire
1973 Topps Phil Gagliano
2020 Topps Nolan Arenado
1962 Topps Don Larsen
1989 Donruss Eric Plunk
1986 Topps Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Jim Rice
1981 Topps Larry Milbourne
1983 Fleer Dave Frost
1979 Topps Mario Guerrero
2011 Topps Jaime Garcia

Classic Wax also has more of the oddball type cards...unfortunately I already have most that I've pulled so far.

Pack 6

1985 Topps Wally Backman
1987 Fleer Garry Templeton
1978 Topps Paul Linblad
1982 Donruss Diamond Kings Joe Morgan
1981 Donruss Steve Renko
2000 Fleer Impact Roger Clemens
1982 Topps Bo Diaz
1984 Topps NL All-Star Mike Schmidt
1990 Donruss MVP Alan Trammell 
1974 Topps Andy Etchebarren
1982 Fleer Richard Dotson
1986 Leaf Lloyd Moseby
1977 Topps Larry Lintz
1983 Fleer Greg Pryor

I especially like the Larry Lintz card. It's not every year that someone plays in 68 major league games but only gets 1 official at bat. (He actually had 4 plate appearances, but walked twice and sacrificed once.)

Pack 7

1976 Terry Crowley
1980 Bert Roberge
1986 Donruss Highlights Roger Clemens
1981 Donruss Byron McLaughlin
1990 Donruss Jose Canseco
1985 Topps Ryne Sandberg
1979 Topps Carlton Fisk 
2021 Topps Allen & Ginter Bobby Dalbec
1992 Fleer Ultra Willie Wilson
1968 Topps Rookie Stars Larry Colton/Dick Thoenen
1983 Donruss Kent Tekulve
1993 Fleer Ultra Mark McGwire
1971 Topps Billy Conigliaro
1983 Fleer Jim Slaton
2008 Topps Opening Day Wladimir Balentien

1968 Rookie close yet so far.

Pack 8

1984 Topps Traded Rick Sutcliffe
1979 Topps Joe Morgan
1988 Fleer Tim Raines
1987 Topps Cal Ripken
1958 Topps Gino Cimoli
1990 Fleer Lee Mazzilli
1973 Topps Johnny Briggs
1991 Donruss The Rookies Pat Kelly
1977 Topps Ron Blomberg
2020 Topps Paul Goldschmidt 
1982 Topps In Action Steve Garvey 
1990 Score Bo Jackson
1987 Donruss Gene Garber
1989 Toys "R" Us Cecil Espy

I was happy to pull a card from 1958...even though it was also a tad miscut.

Pack 9

1978 Topps Duffy Dyer
1986 Donruss Highlights Kirby Puckett
1984 Topps Traded Ray Burris
1987 Fleer Limited Edition Roger Clemens
1983 Donruss Manny Trillo
1963 Topps Earl Francis
1993 Classic Four Sport Jamey Wright
1971 Topps Steve Renko
1990 Donruss Diamond Kings Ken Griffey Jr.
1979 Topps Jesus Alou
1989 Toys "R" Us Kevin Elster
1991 Fleer Ultra Fred McGriff
2021 Topps Heritage Dodgers Rookie Stars Keibert Ruiz/Mitch White
1987 Topps Opening Day Bob Ojeda

The 71's weren't bad...some rounded corners and chipping but these are so tough to find in good condition. 

Not a bad first half...there was also Bret Saberhagen and Bobby Dalbec Rookies that snuck by...but that '76 Pete Rose makes the first half quite impressive. You don't buy these hoping for a good ROI, but I'm certainly not going to complain if I do. Next post will be the second half of the box.

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Sunday, June 5, 2022

1980 Topps Superstars

Another online purchase I made recently was for a box of 1980 Topps Superstars. This is another example of a box you could find at card shows in years past for probably $5. You could probably even find it in a box of random items in a bin under the table where the dealer would say, "10 bucks and you can have the whole bin." I overpaid per usual was around $20.

I had never seen these before, but once I saw "1980", I knew it would be players of my youth and a fun trip down memory lane.

It was off to a good start with Willie Stargell at the top. The box was not sealed, so the potential of shenanigans did cross my mind. Since I knew nothing about this product, I did a bit of research and found a good amount of information on "Sports Collectors Daily".

Turns out this was how they were packaged. You could rifle through the box and pick out who you wanted. If you weren't interested in Jason Thompson, you left him behind. They were also distributed in unopened packs of 5 with a cardboard header that contained a checklist on the back. You could also send in $9 plus a wrapper for the complete set.

Here is the back...very simple, no statistical information.

Now here is where it gets interesting...Topps later released a "white back" version that was sold only to dealers in complete set form. This set was packaged in manilla envelopes making the corners very susceptible to dings.

This is picture of the back. The picture is not lit up very well, but take my word for it, the back of this is pure white. Notice the lack of the Topps logo.

How you may ask, was I able to take a picture of one of these? Elementary, my dear Watson, as there happened to be 12 of these inside the box. 

So this was obviously NOT an "unopened" box as I'm sure it was just put together by who knows who. However, I did manage to end up with 54 cards instead of the 48 I was supposed to get. There were some triplicates in the box (Randy Jones, Buddy Bell, Lee Mazilli), but there were also plenty of stars (especially the cards with the "white backs"). So I'm thinking they were added to offset the mostly commons that were left behind originally.

As you can see miscuts weren't a standard size card only problem.

This was not something I remember seeing but to be fair, at the time I was only 11. That was a long, long time ago and there are a lot of things from back then that I don't remember seeing.

As you can tell, the cards are a bit oversized...about 5x7 inches.

Here a picture of the checklist (also borrowed from "Sports Collectors Daily").

All told, I did enjoy this trip down memory lane. Not a financially smart purchase of course, but how many of these are?

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

1983 Donruss Baseball Action All Stars

If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you've probably realized that I am a sucker for oddball cards...especially if it's from when I was a kid. This is the time when I knew all of the players...unlike today as I'm not familiar with some players on the Red Sox, much less the rest of the league.

This another box that should have been $5 but I ended up paying a little less than $20. I don't think we'll ever see $5 boxes again but I hope I'm wrong.

Apparently back in 1983 an extra 60 cents profit was a big deal. Oh, and do you notice something odd about this box?

There were 38 packs in the box with 6 cards in a pack for a total of 228 cards. There are 60 cards in the set. I should be able to get a few sets out of this, shouldn't I?

That long as you don't have terrible collation, like I did. The smaller pile is the 1 and only complete set I got. The bigger pile is all of the duplicates. I managed to pull only 1 Tony Pena, Gaylord Perry, Rickey Henderson, Gary Ward, Hal McRae, Phil Niekro and Al Oliver, but was blessed with 9 copies of Tim Lollar and Pete Rose.

The cards (collation nonwithstanding) I like. They are 5" x 3.5"...which is essentially two normal sized cards side by side.

If you read the card backs (like I do), there are lots of stats. They are complete too...Yaz's card goes all the way back to 1961.

Each pack also had 3 puzzle pieces. While the standard release featured Ty Cobb, for this set Mickey Mantle (or "Mickey Mantel" as the box states) was the subject.

Here is the checklist:

1.) Eddie Murray
2.) Dwight Evans
3.) Reggie Jackson
4.) Greg Luzinski
5.) Larry Herndon
6.) Al Oliver
7.) Bill Buckner
8.) Jason Thompson 
9.) Andre Dawson
10.) Greg Minton
11.) Terry Kennedy 
12.) Phil Niekro
13.) Willie Wilson
14.) Johnny Bench
15.) Ron Guidry
16.) Hal McRae
17.) Damaso Garcia
18.) Gary Ward
19.) Cecil Cooper
20.) Keith Hernandez
21.) Ron Cey
22.) Rickey Henderson 
23.) Nolan Ryan
24.) Steve Carlton
25.) John Stearns
26.) Jim Sundberg
27.) Joaquin Andujar
28.) Gaylord Perry
29.) Jack Clark
30.) Bill Madlock
31.) Pete Rose
32.) Mookie Wilson
33.) Rollie Fingers
34.) Lonnie Smith
35.) Tony Pena
36.) Dave Winfield
37.) Tim Lollar
38.) Rod Carew
39.) Toby Harrah
40.) Buddy Bell
41.) Bruce Sutter
42.) George Brett
43.) Carlton Fisk
44.) Carl Yastrzemski 
45.) Dale Murphy 
46.) Bob Horner 
47.) Dave Concepcion
48.) Dave Stieb
49.) Kent Hrbek
50.) Lance Parrish
51.) Joe Niekro
52.) Cal Ripken Jr.
53.) Fernando Valenzuela 
54.) Richie Zisk
55.) Leon Durham
56.) Robin Yount
57.) Mike Schmidt
58.) Gary Carter
59.) Fred Lynn
60.) Checklist 

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