Tuesday, March 30, 2021

2021 Topps Series 1 Hanger Box

Either I timed my trip to Target correctly, or Series 1 just isn't doing it for all these new "collectors". Every option was available (and plenty of all of them), but I prefer the hanger boxes to blasters and packs. The was a limit of 3, so I picked up my limit and brought them home.

Of course within the first box you pull a lot of firsts:

The first card of the 2021 season!

Which is also the first card to have "Did Not Play - Opted Out".

The first mask card.

The first Salvador Perez card. (No matter what set I'm trying to put together he shows up almost immediately...and often.)

The first team card.

The first card of the World Series Champions.

The first "Rookie Card".

The first "Future Stars" card.

The first numbered parallel card.

The first 1952 Topps Redux insert card.

The first 1986 Topps 35th Anniversary insert card.

The first Cody Bellinger Highlight insert card.

 The first 70 Years Of Topps Baseball insert card.

The first Dodger card with the World Series logo.

The first card with the Topps Rookie Cup logo.

The first League Leader card.

The first "last card" of the box.

Hope you had a great day! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

It's Not Always About The Hits

Since card prices have reached ridiculous amounts (when you can find them), my main outlet has been buying boxes of commons from my LCS. I've featured these before on the blog...you can get a monster box of 1500 cards for $9.99. You can end up with a lot of cool stuff or you can end up with a lot of 1990 Fleer. This box was all baseball.

Here's the breakdown:

2020 Topps Series 2 - 231 cards.

A welcome sight as I wasn't able to get very much last year. I have put up a want list of what I still need.

2020 Topps Update - 68 cards. 

This I could find plenty of...and the set is finished.

2009 Upper Deck First Edition - 114 cards.

A set that I don't have very many of...and a nice card of Junior in his White Sox uniform.

2020 Panini Diamond Kings - 42 cards.

Some base, SPs...

...and some very colorful inserts.

2020 Topps Finest - 19 cards.

2018 Topps Update - 153 cards.

2020 Topps Heritage - 66 cards.

Included was this cool Don Sutton insert.

2014 Bowman Draft Picks - 59 cards.

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter - 71 cards.

Some inserts included as well.

2020 Topps Archives - 194 cards.

2020 Topps Utz - 1 card.

A nice surprise...wish there was more.

1994 Collector's Choice - 163 cards.

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects - 19 cards.

2007 Bowman Chrome - 8 cards

2014 Bowman Chrome Top Prospects - 7 cards

2014 Bowman Chrome Draft Picks - 10 cards.

2014 Bowman Top Prospects - 6 Cards

2008 Bowman Chrome Prospects - 32 cards.

2007 Upper Deck - 60 cards.

2010 Topps T206 - 187 cards.

Of course it doesn't come out to exactly 1500 cards ( there were a few more than that and as you can see it's really not all commons), and I've always enjoyed going through these. I always find cards that I need plus I also get cards that I can trade.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 19, 2021

2020 Topps Heritage Hanger Boxes

Going Christmas shopping with my wife last December brought us both to Walmart. Walking past the usually barren card section, must to my surprise were 4 hangers of 2020 Heritage Update. (Since then, the card section has been replaced with something else leading me to believe that they are no longer going to carry cards...we will see. Thanks flippers!)

I assumed because it was a hanger it would be something like $9.99 or $10.99, so I grabbed three of them. Why do I do that?

We got to the register and turns out they were $24.99. Each. Right in front of my wife.

So I debated not getting them because of the cost. But after thinking about it for a few seconds, I came to the conclusion...this is my money...I can afford it...I"m paying for everything here...I don't care what she thinks. 

So I said to her quite firmly...

"Can I still get these?"

There are three packs in each box. That's $8.00 per pack. Yeah that's me...the smart shopper.

Box 1 

Pack 1

Well, that's something I wasn't expecting. A Cody Bellinger on-card auto. Not a bad start at all.

Pack 2

Pack 3

Nice to get the Luis Robert rookie.

Box 2

Pack 1


This time a relic in the first pack...and a decent one. Maybe you get a hit per box.

Pack 2

Pack 3

Box 3

Pack 1

Pack 2

Only eight cards here. Looks like I scanned the last card of this pack in with the first pack of the first box. Oops.

Pack 3

Ok, so it appears you don't get a hit in every box. I do like this set...although there were way too many duplicates. I just wish it wasn't so darn expensive.

Thanks for reading!