Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Bottom Drawer

The bottom drawer is where cards I have bought at shows sit and wait for me to post about them. Some cards have been waiting a really long time.

To the left you can vaguely make out some supplies...that's where I keep my protective sleeves and plastic cases. I also have a few partial sets sitting in there as well. 

So let's clean out some of this mess and post about it!

Starting off with a card that you can see in the picture of the bottom drawer. More from 1974 Topps. I'm sure I got this at the same time as the cards I posted about last.

I also grabbed a few cards from the Traded set as well. Enjoy this superb nostril shot of Willie Davis. 

Sometimes I'll see a card and think "Is this the best picture they had of him?" It looks like he's about to leave.

Here are a few more 1977 Topps I picked up at some point. Even though I enjoy the newer sets, I much prefer the sets from this era.

What I'll show last in this post is this 1993 Bazooka set of Team USA. I probably paid a dollar for this. I know I didn't pay $3.50.

For some reason I though Nomar Garciaparra was in this set, but there still are a few good players here. Definitely worth what little I paid for it.

Till next time!