Saturday, January 31, 2015

1975 SSPC Puzzle Backs

I don't see very many SSPC cards on Listia, but recently there were quite a few up for grabs.

I managed to snag three.

The front of the cards are 3 9/16/' X 4 1/4" and are all posed shots.

These are from a twenty-four card set and with the backs you can put together a puzzle of Nolan Ryan and Catfish Hunter.

I had no idea what these cards were when I bid for them because the description only listed them as 1975 puzzle cards. The only mention of SSPC is on the back of the cards (and I didn't get the piece or pieces that featured that).

I did run into a little glitch receiving them, though. I got an email that they were sent on the 9th, but when I received them much later, they weren't postmarked until the 20th. Not a problem, but I did email the seller on the 22nd for a status update but never got a response. I was just about to request a refund when I received them.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

1996 Pinnacle McDonalds Game Winners Bret Hull

Another short post, another Listia win.

This is from the forty-one card 1996 Pinnacle McDonalds Game Winners set.

Pretty cool card, I'm assuming it was only available at McDonalds in Canada because of the write up in both French and English.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More 1999 Just Minors Cards

Recently I posted about a lot of six 1999 Just Minors cards I had won on Listia. Reader Mark Hoyle (y'all know who he is) let me know he had a few more if I wanted them.

Of course I did.

Thanks Mark!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Large Lot 1976-1977 Stars

This is another Listia win, albeit for more credits that I usually bid (1,310 credits). But it's pretty obvious why I did it.

A nice lot of 70's cards, a few that I had already, but most of them were upgrades.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

1982 Topps Roberto Ramos (or is it?)

I'd heard about wrongback cards before, but I'd never gotten one before...and this one is extra special.

I pulled it out of one of those 100 card repacks for $3.99 at Target. You know, the ones that can be potentially dangerous if you don't open them carefully.

The front of the card is a seemingly harmless 1982 Topps Roberto Ramos....

But wait! The back is Reggie Smith! Not only that, but it's a miscut Reggie Smith!

The card next to him is card #386 Jerry White of the Montreal Expos.

I've seen wrongbacks before, but not a miscut wrongback.

God bless repacks.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rookie Prospect Lot Of 5

From the same seller in my last post, I was also able to snag for a low amount of credits another lot of cards that I was interested in.

These are the first cards I've gotten from 2007  Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition. When I bid on these, I actually thought they were from 1996 Upper Deck SP.

Also part of this lot were a 2007 Bowman Chrome Ervin Alcantara and a 2007 Bowman Shawn Riggans. As with most Bowman cards, I have no idea who these players are.

No worries, they were "cheap" and needed for sets!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1999 Just Minors Lot of 6

Prior to my "unintentional hiatus" from blogging, I had spent some time on Listia getting rid of some commons. I had acquired a sizable amount of credits, and while I still don't see very much worth bidding on, occasionally I do find something that I will throw in a bid just to see if I can get something relatively "cheap".

I have a few cards from the 1999 Just Minors set, so when I saw this six-pack of cards I bid low, and ended up winning. Rafael Furcal was the only player I had heard of.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Has It Been A Month Already?

Well, my last post was pretty much spot on. I haven't posted in almost a month due to absolutely no time to do anything other than working and sleeping. I've been totally absent from the blogs, so I hope everybody has had a good holiday season.

With what spare time I had, I sent a few cards to Kaz from This Way To The Clubhouse that he needed for his All Time Mets Project. In return he sent me some cards I needed off of my want lists.

Regrettably I have not updated my want lists in quite a while, but I need so many 1994 Topps it's a good bet these will help.

I'm also a little closer now in completing 2003 Topps.

Kaz also sent me a card from 1993 Score Select, one of my favorite sets from the early 90's.

Thanks, Kaz! Now that the holidays are over, I should be able to infrequently post more frequently.

Happy 2015!