Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Bowman

Hi everybody, I just posted what cards I need for the 2016 Bowman set here. Any help would be appreciated. I do have some dupes as well for anybody out there who is trying to complete the set themselves.

Bowman Want List

Here is the list of what I need for the various Bowman Baseball sets.
If you don't see something listed, I either don't have any or haven't figured out what I need yet.
This list will be updated constantly as I sort my collection. Thanks for checking!

Updated 06/26/16

2016 Bowman

BP139, BP106, BP45, BP39, BP36, BP20, BP9, BP3, BCP150, BCP149, BCP147, BCP142, BCP140 - BCP138,  BCP135, BCP130, BCP125 - BCP123, BCP121, BCP120, BCP114, BCP107, BCP106, BCP104, BCP101, BCP98, BCP95, BCP92, BCP90, BCP82 - BCP79, BCP77, BCP73, BCP72, BCP66, BCP58, BCP57, BCP52, BCP51, BCP48, BCP47, BCP45, BCP39 - BCP37, BCP34, BCP29, BCP24, BCP22, BCP20, BCP19, BCP13, BCP9, BCP5 - BCP3, 150, 100, 92, 10