Saturday, March 19, 2022

Topps 2021 Update Hanger Box 3


I've posted about the first two hanger boxes I bought and here is the third. The next post will be the fourth box and that will be it for the hanger boxes. I bought these in either January or February at Target for $9.99 each. 

Here are the highlights.

Trevor Larnach Rookie.

Alex Kirilloff Rookie Debut

Jonathan India Rookie Debut

Nate Pearson Rookie Debut

Akil Baddoo Rookie 

Luis Patino Rookie 

Bobby Dalbec Rookie Debut

Vintage Stock Michael Wacha 68/99

70 Years Of Topps Baseball Carlos Correa

1986 Topps Baseball Brent Honeywell Jr. 

1992 Redux Jo Adell
1992 Redux Kris Bryant
1992 Redux Miguel Cabrera 
1992 Redux Trevor Bauer

Nice to finally get the Kirilloff and Dalbec Rookie Debut cards.

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Friday, March 18, 2022

1990 Pacific Baseball Legends

I bought this box back in January along with the 1993 O-Pee-Chee Premier box. It really should be a $5 or $10 box, but in today's world of overinflated prices, it was $17.95. 

There are 36 packs in the box, and 10 cards in each pack. 

The set is only 110 cards and the collation was perfect...3 sets and 30 cards towards a 4th.

The box ran the gamut of players long retired..
. players still on the roster.

The backs were easily readable for these ancient eyes.

Card 1 starts off as it should.

It was cool to see some long time managers in their playing days.

You didn't always see players in the uniform they are most associated with. 

Lots of players with long careers in their younger days.

Apparently Pacific borrowed O-Pee-Chee's 1980's butter knife to cut the cards.

These are also the types of sets where everyone can be a legend.


But when it is all said and done, it's a great way to get cards of players that I don't have very many of!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

1987 Topps Baseball Vending Box

 I had up until this point never purchased a vending box before...mainly because of the cost and the ease of them being searched. So I found a vending box of 1987 Topps online for $19.99 plus shipping. I also bought a couple other things as well to help offset the shipping fees. I picked 1987 Topps because I love the set and even if it was searched, I would still enjoy going through it.

As you can see, it is not sealed, although it was advertised as being from a sealed case.

Just open it up and there they are. 500 random cards...give or take a few

After going through it (and counting them), I found there were 517 cards in this box. It wasn't 517 different cards, as I had 133 duplicates.

So was the box searched? Let's grab a Beckett from 1987 and see if I got any of the key cards!

We're going to use the October 1987 issue. 

At the time of this issue, the biggest card was Mark McGwire at $3. The biggest card now...the Barry Bonds was a mere 45 cents.

Starting from the first card of the set, the first "big" card was card #80...Wally Joyner. Did I get it?


Not a big deal now, but it was back then. If you were going by Beckett prices back then it would have set you back $2.25.

Somewhat big at the time was the rookie card of John Kruk, card #123.

I got that one as well.

Card #139 - Devon White

Whiffed on that.

Card #150 - Wade Boggs

Another whiff.

Card #170 - Bo Jackson

Whiff, whiff, whiff.

Card #192 - Cory Snyder

Ka-ching! Well, at least back in 1987.

Card #259 - Mike Greenwell


Card #261 - Ruben Sierra


Card #320 - Barry Bonds

Score! Which leads me to believe this vending box was not searched.

Card #340 - Roger Clemens

Two of them.

Card #366 - Mark McGwire

Also included. This box was definitely not searched.

Card #412 - Eric Davis


Card #420 - Will Clark


Card #466 - Kal Daniels 


Card #476 - Danny Tartabull

Another find! Also much more exciting in 1987.

Card #500 - Don Mattingly

Whiff. That card was $2.50 at the time.

Card #550 - Pete Incaviglia 


Card #606 - Don Mattingly All - Star

Whiff. Didn't get either version. Trademark or no trademark. The no trademark version was going for $1.50 around this time.

Card #620 - Jose Canseco


Card #784 - Cal Ripken

We'll end with another whiff.

So I whiffed more than I scored, but I did get what I think are the two biggest cards in this set nowadays, the Bonds and McGwire. 

Definitely a lot of fun. Thanks for reading!

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