Wednesday, March 16, 2022

1987 Topps Baseball Vending Box

 I had up until this point never purchased a vending box before...mainly because of the cost and the ease of them being searched. So I found a vending box of 1987 Topps online for $19.99 plus shipping. I also bought a couple other things as well to help offset the shipping fees. I picked 1987 Topps because I love the set and even if it was searched, I would still enjoy going through it.

As you can see, it is not sealed, although it was advertised as being from a sealed case.

Just open it up and there they are. 500 random cards...give or take a few

After going through it (and counting them), I found there were 517 cards in this box. It wasn't 517 different cards, as I had 133 duplicates.

So was the box searched? Let's grab a Beckett from 1987 and see if I got any of the key cards!

We're going to use the October 1987 issue. 

At the time of this issue, the biggest card was Mark McGwire at $3. The biggest card now...the Barry Bonds was a mere 45 cents.

Starting from the first card of the set, the first "big" card was card #80...Wally Joyner. Did I get it?


Not a big deal now, but it was back then. If you were going by Beckett prices back then it would have set you back $2.25.

Somewhat big at the time was the rookie card of John Kruk, card #123.

I got that one as well.

Card #139 - Devon White

Whiffed on that.

Card #150 - Wade Boggs

Another whiff.

Card #170 - Bo Jackson

Whiff, whiff, whiff.

Card #192 - Cory Snyder

Ka-ching! Well, at least back in 1987.

Card #259 - Mike Greenwell


Card #261 - Ruben Sierra


Card #320 - Barry Bonds

Score! Which leads me to believe this vending box was not searched.

Card #340 - Roger Clemens

Two of them.

Card #366 - Mark McGwire

Also included. This box was definitely not searched.

Card #412 - Eric Davis


Card #420 - Will Clark


Card #466 - Kal Daniels 


Card #476 - Danny Tartabull

Another find! Also much more exciting in 1987.

Card #500 - Don Mattingly

Whiff. That card was $2.50 at the time.

Card #550 - Pete Incaviglia 


Card #606 - Don Mattingly All - Star

Whiff. Didn't get either version. Trademark or no trademark. The no trademark version was going for $1.50 around this time.

Card #620 - Jose Canseco


Card #784 - Cal Ripken

We'll end with another whiff.

So I whiffed more than I scored, but I did get what I think are the two biggest cards in this set nowadays, the Bonds and McGwire. 

Definitely a lot of fun. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I've never seen anyone do a vending box break. Card condition looks outstanding. Congrats.

  2. I always enjoy seeing '87 Topps on the blogs!

  3. Haven't seen a vending box break either...thanks for showing them off!

  4. I remember seeing vending boxes all over eBay when I cam back to collecting about 12 years ago, but haven't seen very many advertised in recent years. I've bought cards from a vending box, but never the whole box. It looks like a whole box would be a lot of fun to go through though, especially if it hasn't already been cherry picked.