Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Completed Set - 2008 Topps Update

I have not purchased many cards lately...and nothing from the 2018 releases. Instead I've been trying to go through the mountain of unsorted monster boxes that I have in my closet to see if I need any of these cards for my hundreds of unfinished sets.

Thanks to the generosity of a fellow blogger (and I can't remember which one because I think it's been a couple of years since I received them),  I can mark 2008 Topps Update as completed. 

This set was kind of unique for me since I never intentionally bought a pack of it. All the cards I either got from repacks, boxes of commons or from other bloggers. If you've read my blog on a regular basis (and I'm truly sorry if you do), you may have read posts where I mentioned buying boxes of 1500 commons from my LCS for 10 bucks. I bought a lot of these in 2008 and they were full of 2008 Topps Update. I'm pretty positive the Kershaw came out of one of these boxes, which means I got it for less then a penny. It also means I have a fair amount of dupes and probably could help someone out if they are trying to put this set together.