Monday, July 31, 2017

Christmas In July

No, this doesn't mean that I'm celebrating Christmas in July. It means I'm finally getting around to posting something that I got for Christmas... in July. 

Anybody remember Secret Santa from last December? Well I'm finally getting around to thanking William from Foul Bunt for sending me about two hundred and fifty cards off of my want lists. If you haven't subscribed to his blog, you should. He does quite well with TTM auto requests. I wish I had the time to do that, because it sounds like it's a lot of fun to get those back in the mail. I have a hard enough time posting more than twice a month lately.

So back to my want lists. Yes, the want lists that are badly in need of some updating.

First I was gifted one hundred and ten cards from the 1975 Topps set, which included the infamous Herb Washington card.

Also included was Rudy Meoli, which some have said should replace the current header of my blog.

Next to that was one hundred and four from 1995 Topps. I started this set while I was in college (don't do the math...I didn't go straight after high school).

Only one card from 2004 Topps...

...but ten cards from 1985 Topps.

Another set I collected in college was 1994 Topps. William included twenty from that set.

Lastly, there were six from 1988 Topps Update.

Thanks William for all the cards...and Merry Christmas in July! 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Gone But Not Forgotten

Kaz from "This Way To The Clubhouse" may not blog anymore, but he certainly comes to mind when I have an excess of "useless" Mets. I sent him a few a while back and he responded by sending me some "very useful" Red Sox.

Most of these names are pretty familiar even to non-Red Sox fans save for Michael Chavis who is currently in Double A. According to, he is a third baseman with "defensive struggles".

Awesome. Just what we need.

Blake Swihart is/was a promising catching prospect currently playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox. Then last year they put him in left field. Now they are going to try him at first and third base.

Rusney Castillo is making 11 million dollars a year while playing for the Pawtucket Red Sox. What a gig.

Thanks Mark for all of the great cards! Hope all is well!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Memory Isn't What It Used To Be...On Second Thought I've Always Been This Way

Well that's certainly the longest title for a post that I've written...and it's based on fact. My wife still insists on starting questions with "Do you remember when...?" or "Remember the time when...?" and I always give her the same answer.


How do I remember important things like her birthday? Britney Spears was born the same day. I just Google Britney Spears if I need to know. (I'm just kidding, I know it's December 2nd. Um...hold on, I'll be right back.)

Yes, it's December 2nd. I knew it.

So you wouldn't be surprised to know I screwed up making a purchase recently.

I saw the one hundred card 1993 Classic Hockey Draft Set for a dollar.

If you were into hockey in the early to mid 90's you would recognize a lot of names in the set.

This was one of the many partial sets I had...until I found this.

I was looking through all of the cards, happy that I could finally file this set under "completed".

Although I did seem to recall that there were some Manon Rheaume cards that I was not seeing.

You probably don't know this name unless you were a Bruins fan.

I looked through all one hundred cards and then I remembered...'s a hundred AND FIFTY card set.


Monday, July 24, 2017

I Give Up

(Not on blogging, just trying to come up with a title for this post that isn't stupid.)

When I'm at a card show, I'm not only looking for baseball cards. Although I also collect football, hockey and basketball cards, when I see a good deal on movie/television cards I end up with those instead.

That said, when I stumble upon a table that has a lot of these types of cards I'm usually not interested in about 99 percent of them. But when they are sets of cards that I collected when I was a kid (and of course didn't complete) and I can pick up them up for cheap, you have my attention.

The first set I picked up was the eighty-eight card 1979 Topps Incredible Hulk set. (Unfortunately it did not come with the twenty-two stickers.) The set was in really good condition...much better than the heavily creased partial set that I currently had.

The backs of the cards either had "TV Facts"...

...or a piece of one of these four puzzles.

Also making the trek home with me was the sixty-six card "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" set. Again, the stickers were not included. This was another set that I had a few "well loved" cards from. I didn't realize this until I looked the set up on Cardboard Connection, but Richard Dreyfuss is nowhere to be found on these cards.

Like the Incredible Hulk set, the backs of the cards had either facts about it...

...or a piece of a puzzle.

The final set I picked up was from a movie that I hadn't seen until about 10 years ago.

Even though I was alive in the 70's, I was far too young to experience anything like this...

...although I did get to ride in a station wagon numerous times back then... the back...

...without a seatbelt...

...sitting on the hump.

We were crazy back then.

Just like the three for ten dollar price tag for this trip down memory lane.