Wednesday, May 11, 2016

It's A Crime To Pay More Than A Dime (Part II)

Here's the second half of what I got at last month's card show. The first post can be seen here.

Anytime I see cards from the 1977 - 79 Topps sets, I usually end of buying a few. As I've mentioned on this blog before, these are the first sets that I collected and I have finished none of them.

Another early set (for me) that I haven't finished is 1982 Topps. I'm not sure if I need this card or not, but the price was right.

I wasn't sure if this was an Eric Davis rookie card or not (it is), but I was pretty sure I needed it.

I mentioned this on my blog before, but both card shops in my area sell 1500 ct boxes of commons for ten bucks. I've gotten a lot of the 1987 Donruss Rookies set via them, but I'd never gotten the Palmeiro card.

The same story pertains to this 1989 Score Update Jim Abbott.

There were plenty of Ken Griffey Jr. promo cards, but I liked this one from the 1992 National Sports Convention in Atlanta, Ga the best.

He had some vintage hockey as well (late 70's), which are also sets that I collected as a kid (but of course didn't finish). I've got wantlists somewhere for these, but didn't buy any of the hockey cards because I don't need very many and don't know which ones they are.

He also had a lot of late 70's basketball as well. I only grabbed these 1980-81 Topps, which was all he had for this set. I should have picked up a lot more of the other vintage basketball, because unlike the hockey sets from this time period, I only have a handful.

He also had some vintage football. I only bought a couple of cards (like this 1977 Ray Rhodes), and I regret not buying more. Maybe they'll still be some at the next show.

Yes, I wish I had bought more.

I picked this card up because I have foolish visions of trying to complete this set.

He had a lot of Drew Bledsoe cards. I picked up two that I knew I didn't have. This one from 1993 Classic Four Sport...

...and from a set I really like, 1994 Action Packed Quarterback Challenge.

I paid slightly more that a dime for this 1979 Red Sox program (but not much more).

My memory must be failing me, because I don't ever remember Rick Averbach...

...or Dennis Marinez.

The program was scored though.

The game was August 16, 1979 and the Red Sox won 7-5. Allen Ripley was the winning pitcher and Mike Proly was the loser. Fred Lynn, Bob Watson and Butch Hobson all hit home runs for the Red Sox.

Another nice and cheap haul for me!


  1. '77 Topps football: the greatest Topps football set EVER!

  2. Dennis Martinez - El Presidente, El Perfecto!!! One of the great moments in Expos history.