Friday, April 19, 2013

Trading With Another Red Sox Fan

Brad from the fantastic Red Sox blog, Red Sox Fan In Nebraska took the time to contact me to set up a trade. As I've stated on my blog in the past, I'm very willing to trade as I have tons of dupes just sitting here taking up space. He was kind enough to take a look at my want lists and help me out towards the completion of sets I should have finished a long time ago. Let's take a look at the loot, shall we?


First, a crooked scan of a couple that I needed for my 1984 Fleer Set.
I'll be taking this '85 Topps Dwight Evans off my want list as well.
These three I needed from the 1989 Score set.

I also needed this one...

I just did my want list for this set a couple of nights ago. Even though I haven't posted it yet, he still knew I needed this card. Amazing.
Here's one of nearly a dozen he sent me from my 2004 Fleer Tradition want list.
He also sent a random collection of Red Sox, most of which I didn't have.

Thanks a lot Brad, much appreciated!

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