Friday, April 5, 2013

Collector's Cache Box (Part 1)

I was in Target recently looking at the card aisle and this thing called a "Collector's Cache Box" caught my eye. It was $14.99, and I seriously considered getting it then, but decided to hold off. I really shouldn't have been spending fifteen dollars on cards, but sometimes I need my fix. I didn't want to buy it, but I had to buy it. So I went back and got it.

It claims to be over a $35 value and have six decades of cards inside.

The contents read as follows:

1 storage case that holds 1,100 cards!
Over 500 cards from various years, manufacturers and players,
1 game used or autograph card,
1 Major League Baseball Collector Patch,
3 Factory Sealed Packs,
1 one touch,

(Apparently the collector coins are the highlight of this box.)

It is from the Fairfield Company and I do like their repacks, so I decided to take the plunge.
Let's open it and see what's in it, shall we?

Let's go down the contents list. First of all is the box, which I probably will just throw out. I have no idea how much of my over $35 value I will lose by doing that, but such is life.

Next, lets review the over 500 cards from various years, manufacturers and players. They are in two slots in the box.

We'll go through the highlights of the first stack in this post and save the second stack for the next post.

Here is the first card from the box:

Ryne Sandberg from the 1997 Circa set. I don't believe I have any cards from this set. Now I do.

This is why I love repacks. I always end up with something like this. This one is kind of puzzling though. The front has him in a St. Louis Cardinals uniform with Star '87 in the top right corner...

...while the back has a New York Mets logo and is copyrighted 1984. It also includes his stats from the 1986 All-Star game.

It seems to be a 13 card set and courtesy of this cache box, I now have cards 5 and 6.

Well, I've gone through a couple of stacks of cards and I'm not doing so well on the "6 Decades of Cards" promise so far.

Here's the oldest as of now:

1984 Donruss Craig McMurtry.

I don't have a lot of '84 Donruss, so I probably need this. Let's press on.

Topps released a 30 card inaugural team set for the Florida Marlins in 1993. Here is card 26.

And now we have something from '78 Topps. This is more like it. I already have this card, but it doesn't matter. It's '78 Topps, my favorite set of all time (at least of the years I've been collecting).

I love the game on the backs of these cards. My brother and I used to play it on long trips when we were little. Although Tommy Boggs was not a card you wanted when you were playing this game.

Another one of my favorite sets, 1982 Fleer.

I don't think I had any 1988 Leaf until today. Now I have about 10.

Even though this has the 1991 Stadium Club design, this actually was released in 1992, about a month after 1992 Stadium Club Series 1. This is from the 200 card Stadium Club Dome Set, which Topps calls the "1991 Special Stadium Set". Guess I have to get the other 199 cards now.

So there is the first half of the loose cards. It's pretty typical of repacks so far, mostly '88 - '92 Topps, Fleer, Donruss and Upper Deck, with a smattering of cards from a few years earlier and later. However, the set that is most represented is '87 Topps. 76 cards so far, which is about 27% of what I've looked at so far.

The next half of the loose cards are coming up. See you next post.

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