Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cards From The Binder (Chapter 5)

From what I've read throughout the blogs, many (if not most) keep your cards in binders. I do not.
They are stored like this:

Now I know what you're thinking. "That's 1989 Upper Deck. That's a 660 card set. How does he keep it in such a tiny box?"

Alright, fine. You weren't thinking that. You were thinking, "That's 1989 Upper Deck. WHY ISN'T IT IN A BINDER?"

Space reasons really. If I kept all of the sets I've finished and all that I'm trying to finish in binders, I'd need another address just for my cards.

And yes, that small box means I don't have the entire set. Check my want list, and if you have some dupes you want to get rid of, contact me for a trade.

I do however, keep a few binders full of cards and these series of posts show the world (or thirty-some-odd people) exactly what is in them.

Back in the late 90's I used to work in a liquor store, and the rep for Canadian Club Whisky gave me this autographed Willie Stargell... 

...and Billy Williams card.

Another Signature Rookies auto. This time it's from Milos Guren. Numbered 873 out of 7,750. I did a quick search for info about him and came up with nothing.

However, as I researched to find out if Mr. Guren made the NHL, I found Amazon has the same card (numbered 6,764 out of 7,750 - not nearly as good as mine)...for $1.14!

Bringing up the rear regarding this post, is a Nate "Tiny" Archibald auto. He was one of my favorite Celtics when I was growing up, so I was quite excited when I pulled this card. Or should I say, quite excited when I pulled the redemption card saying I had to mail it in to get this card. Even though it worked out nice, I hate redemptions.

Thanks for reading, and "boo" to redemptions.

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