Monday, June 19, 2023

2022 Topps Heritage Minor League Hobby Box

Looking for something cheap and new to open (this obviously is one of those older unfinished posts), I chose 2022 Topps Heritage minor league. It was $59.00 and had 2 on-card autos which was nice.

Unfortunately, I have not kept up with who the latest and greatest prospects are. So it's going to be an entire box of "I have no idea who this is".

There are 18 packs with 8 cards in each pack. The player on the box and pack wrappers is Marcelo Mayer, a first round pick for the Red Sox in 2021.

The three cards you see below the box are from the "box loader". I have no idea who any of these players are, but Henry Davis (the card on the right) is listed on Dave and Adams' website as one of the "key players".

I'm not going to post every pack...just what could be considered the "highlights".

Here are the "key players" according to Dave and Adams' website:

Elly De La Cruz 
Anthony Volpe
Corbin Carroll
Gunnar Henderson 
Jasson Dominguez 
Oscar Colas
Henry Davis
Ezekiel Tovar
Trey Sweeney 
Kyle Manzardo
Jackson Chouris 
Oswald Peraza

Here are the highlights from the base cards.

The SPs were 1 every 6 packs, so I got three.

I was able to pull one of the "key players", Jasson Dominguez as one of my SPs.

These four cards are from the Tarjetas subset which are cards loosely based on Latin American sets from the 1970s. 

These three cards are from the 1973 Topps 1953 reprint subset.

These four cards are from the 1973 Pack Covers subset.

Here are the two parallels I pulled. The Jackson Chourio is numbered 41/50 (and is also one of the "key players), and the Yiddi Cappe is numbered 49/75.

My two autos were of Jackson Merrill...

...and Darell Hernaiz. The autos aren't numbered.

It was a fun, inexpensive rip. I didn't complete the set (it was 200 cards, not including the SPs. I'll be putting together a want list which I will post when I finish it.

What I'm Listening To While I Post This 

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