Sunday, June 18, 2023

Golden Lion Repack Box Part 2

Here's the second half of the box. The first half was quite good, highlighted by an '84 Fleer Mattingly rookie and an '85 Donruss Clemens rookie.

Pack 1

1985 Topps Eddie Murray
1978 Topps Rod Gilbreath
1993 Upper Deck Butch Henry
1977 Topps Tim Johnson
1990 Leaf Dave Winfield 
2006 Topps Carlos Guillen 
2008 Topps Troy Glaus
1994 Upper Deck Diamond Debuts Tim Davis
1984 Topps Mike Easler
1990 Topps Jim Corsi
1992 Triple Play Mark Grace
1972 Topps In Action George Mitterwald
1984 Topps NL Active Career Hit Leaders Rusty Staub/Pete Rose/Tony Perez

All 3 cards from the 70's were my favorites here.

Pack 2

1979 Topps Dick Drago
1978 Topps Paul Lindblad
1994 Collector's Choice Eric Hillman
1979 Topps Robin Yount
1992 Leaf Gold Edition Parallel Juan Guerrero
1992 Classic Four Sport Rick Helling
1982 Topps Phil Garner
1984 Topps Jack Morris
1995 Sportflix Russ Davis
1990 Leaf Darryl Strawberry 
1987 Topps Leon Durham 
1972 Chuck Dobson
1992 Donruss Chris Cron

Favorite card here is the '79 Yount.

Pack 3

1978 Topps Barry Bonnell
2021 Topps Archives Ryne Sandberg 
2020 Topps Update Cesar Hernandez 
1992 Topps Draft Pick Tyrone Hill
1978 Topps George Medich
1991 Topps Wes Gardner
1987 Topps Joel Davis
1975 Topps Joe Hoerner
1992 Donruss The Rookies Pedro Martinez 
1985 Topps AL All-Star Cal Ripken
1990 Topps Brian DuBois
2017 American League League Leaders Nelson Cruz
1996 Collector's Choice Mark McGwire 

Favorites are the '78 Bonnell and the '92 Martinez. 

Pack 4

1996 Topps Will Clark
1887 Topps George Hendrick 
1977 Topps Willie Montanez 
1995 Pinnacle Sterling Hitchcock 
1997 Pinnacle Totally Certified Platinum Blue Wilton Guerrero 
1993 Donruss Scott Hemond
1990 Topps Bob Geren
1988 Topps John Davis
1988 Topps Jim Dwyer
1986 Fleer Joe Cowley
1969 Topp Catfish Hunter
1978 Topps Jason Thompson 
1990 Leaf Randy Johnson

Favorite card here is the '69 Hunter.

Pack 5

2021 Topps Archives Tom Glavine 
1978 Topps Kurt Bevacqua
1977 TCMA Renata Galasso Eddie Mathews
1987 Topps Wade Boggs 1992 Score Rookie Prospect Gil Heredia
1987 Topps Brian Holton
1993 Topps Dave Haas
1988 Topps Tom Flier
1991 Donruss Rated Rookie Scott Chiamparino
1991 Topps Jose Gonzalez
1971 Topps Gaylord Perry
2019 Topps League Leaders Jacob deGrom
1991 Donruss Dave Eiland

Favorite card is the '71 Perry.

Pack 6

1987 Topps National League All-Star Tony Gwynn 
1977 Topps Dave Freisleben
1988 Topps Mark Grant
1989 Topps Tim Flannery 
1981 Topps Record Breaker Ozzie Smith
1995 Fleer Ultra Joey Hamilton
1987 Topps Lamarr Hoyt
1995 Donruss Trevor Hoffman 
1984 Topps Tony Gwynn
1993 Donruss Jeremy Hernandez 
1989 Topps Roberto Alomar 
1981 Topps Dennis Kinney
2021 Topps Archives Tony Gwynn 

The All Padres pack!

Pack 7

1979 Topps Paul Dade
1988 Topps Tiffany Don Sutton 
1990 Fleer Kevin Hickey
1979 Topps Johnny Bench
2020 Active Leaders Zack Greinke 
1990 Score '90 Rookie Mike Hartley
1989 Star Rich Garces
2007 Topps Red Back Johnny Damon
1986 Fleer Baseball's Best Bert Blyleven 
2020 Bowman Platinum Josh Donaldson 
1996 Collector's Choice Carl Everett 
1975 Topps Ken Rudolph
1991 Score Jason Grimsley 

Favorite card is the '79 Bench.

Pack 8

1981 Donruss Steve Carlton
1978 Topps Juan Beniquez
2008 Topps Livan Hernandez
1992 Topps Donnie Hill
1991 Leaf Charlie Hough
1986 Topps The Pete Rose Years 1979 - 1982
1981 Topps Richie Hebner
1983 Topps Jeff Gardner
1990 Topps Mark Davidson
1985 Topps Nolan Ryan
1988 Topps Richard Dotson
1998 Fleer Tradition Roger Cedeno
1979 Topps Butch Hobson

Favorite card...'79 Hobson.

Pack 9

1972 Topps Boyhood Photos of the Stars Tom Seaver 
1977 Topps Cesar Tovar
1994 Score '93 Rookie Phil Hiatt
1993 Donruss Willie Greene
1988 Fleer Terry Harper
1994 Upper Deck Brad Fullmer
1996 Topps Gallery The Modernists Shawn Green
1988 Topps Ken Dixon
1998 Upper Deck Roger Clemens 
1981 Donruss Willie Stargell
1989 Fleer Jose Cecena
1992 Pinnacle Mantle Triple Crown Mickey Mantle 
1988 Fleer Steve Crawford 

Favorite card is the '72 Seaver. 

Well as expected, it wasn't as good as the first half of the box. It did have a few highlights, such as the '69 Catfish Hunter and the '71 Gaylord Perry.

The decade most represented was by far the 1990's.
The year most represented was a tie between 1990 and 1992.
The set most represented was 1978 Topps.

As I've always stressed, these boxes are not meant to provide stellar ROI, instead they provide stellar ROF (return on fun). 

What I'm Listening To While I Post This 

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  1. You seemed to have gotten some more vintage, and of better quality, in this box than some of the others. Even the 80's stuff seems to have at least been of the bigger names for the most part.

  2. Golden Lion sounds like some sort of Buffet or Casino haha. Don't know how I'd feel about the all Padre pack. Thanks for sharing!