Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Dog Collect Baseball Cards

She doesn't quite grasp the concept. I think "Read Your Cards" sounds to much like "Eat Your Cards" to her.
Waiter, I'll think I'll have the Cardboard Alfredo.  
Swing and a Chew-up. (I know. Boooooo!)
She didn't chew too much of this one up. I think she figured out "Sweet Shot" is just the name of the card, not how it tastes.
There will no attempt to be clever with this card. This one just hurts.
Now resting after a tiring day of "collecting."
By the way, I did not give her these. She "chose" these (and others I didn't scan) while I wasn't looking.


  1. My dogs, thankfully, leave my cards alone. Our kitten, though, pushed a 1971 Bob Gibson into a water bowl.

  2. My cards are stored upstairs. Fortunately for my collection, my 70-pound Airedale is terrified of indoor stairs.