Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Not Too Late For A 2013 Heritage Post, Is It?

Tonight is the final night before the NCAA tournament. We do the brackets at my day job, and I am finishing them up tonight whilst I read some blogs. I don't follow college basketball, so I know absolutely nothing about any of the teams. I'll be sure to give you updates as to how well I do compared to everyone else at my company, because I know you all are completely interested in college basketball too. There is only a few people doing it this year, so the pot is not very big, but I'll still take it.

Back in December, Jeff from 2X3 Heroes was having a "Tis the Season" giveaway, and I commented on his "Tis the Season: Take my Dupes, Please." post that I was interested in some of the dupes he was trying to unload.

When I received my loot a couple of weeks ago, I had forgotten just what I had asked for. It was in a box this size and when I opened it I was greeted with:

2013 Topps Heritage!

Lots of 2013 Topps Heritage!

And some 2012 Topps!

If there is anyone out there that has not finished off 2012 Topps let me know, and we can work out a trade. Thanks to repacks, I've got plenty.

There was also a single 2011 Topps card.

Thanks Jeff! I hadn't bought too much 2013 Heritage and this will really help me out!

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