Friday, March 21, 2014

You Have Got To Be F*****g Kidding Me

I went to Walmart today to pick up the wife some back patches for her sore back. After getting those I went to the paint section to look for one of those touch-up pens so I could "re-color" a small portion of our entertainment center.

While I was in that aisle I noticed this atrocity:

Justin Bieber duct tape? Is this a big seller? Do any of you out there have this?

(Note: The 6 dollar clearance tag is not for this. That just happens to be where I put this highly coveted duct tape so I could take the picture.)

Oh, and to make this post somewhat card related, I did pick up a hanger of 2014 Topps on the way out.

Would you believe with the very limited amount that I have purchased this year I already have two copies of the Yasiel Puig card? I thought for certain I'd have to end up trading for it.

Oh and going back to the back patches, my wife had texted me earlier that her back was feeling sore again. I asked her if she wanted me to get her some more of the patches and she said no, she would be okay. For those of you who are not married yet, this is one of those rare occasions when you do not listen to your wife. Go out and buy the back patches. She will thank you later for not listening to her. Trust me on this one.

However, if she tells you not to buy the Justin Bieber duct tape, listen to her.

Trust me on this one.


  1. When my wife tells me not to bring any Pepsi home, I know that I should bring Pepsi home anyway. I haven't been wrong (about that) yet.

  2. What is Justin Bieber duct tape good for? What is Justin Bieber good for?

  3. I am puking as I read this.