Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trade With Nick From Dime Boxes

Very original title, huh? I worked overtime on that one.

But it does describe the contents of this post. Nick from the blog Dime Boxes (one of my favorite blogs by the way), mentioned a while back that he'd like to acquire some Topps Stadium Club. Now being of legal age at the time Stadium Club's first issue was released, I have to take responsibility for the superfluous amount of dupes that I have of the early 90's releases (meaning I can't blame it on being young and stupid. It won't hold up in court.).

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy Stadium Club. It was quite impressive considering what was available at the time. Putting it in perspective, take a look at a card from 1991 Stadium Club. Then compare it to Leaf, Upper Deck, Fleer and the rest the releases from 1991. Pretty groundbreaking stuff, if you ask me.

Yes I even tried to complete that monstrocity of the 900 (or 9000, I don't remember) card set of 1992 Stadium Club as well as the 893 card Score set, the 800 card Upper Deck set, etc.

I tried to collect them all!

So I sent Nick a smattering of Stadium Club. Ask and you shall receive.

In return, he sent me all this great stuff.

Here's a few of the 15 cards he sent me that I needed from 2004 Fleer Tradition.

Here's four of the six that he sent me from my 2010 Topps want list.

A trio of Topps Series II needs.

10 more crossed off of my 2012 Gypsy Queen want list.

Ditto with 2013 Topps Series 1. I only need 16 cards to finish this set. I had hoped to get it done before Series II came out, but I don't think it's going to happen.

A nice odball card featuring Tiant and Fisk from Sunoco.

I can't look at a 1977 Topps card without being happy. Especially when it's a Red Sox card.

I actually have a few of these, but I don't think I have the Yaz.

Funny, I was just reading about Rick Ferrell the other day. A lifetime .281 hitter, he hit 28 home runs and 734 runs batted in over an 18 year career. Hall of Fame numbers? Apparently so, as he was voted in by the Veterans Committee in 1984.

Tony Pena from the 1992 French's Mustard 18 card set. Bring back food issues!

I posted this card for two reasons.

First, I was a huge Canseco fan while he was with the Red Sox.

Secondly, seeing Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick reminds me of Sportscenter in the 1990's. That in turn reminds me of the ESPN baseball game I used to play on my Sega Genesis in the 1990's. I'm not afraid to admit it, but I really sucked at that game. Whenever I see Dan Patrick, I hear him say "The whiff", in my head, which I heard numerous times while playing that game.

I love the Topps American Pie sets. Don't have many cards from the releases, which I hope to remedy at some point.

As you may have noticed, more than half of my "favorites" feature players from the 70's. The '78 team was my favorite, and as a 9 year old, I had no idea about all of the turmoil that was going on during their collpase late in the season. It's interesting to read about it now and just makes the fact that they were able to win the last 8 games and tie the Yankees that much more amazing.
However, I've saved the best card for last.
Bill "Spaceman" Lee, who after seeing the Green Monster for the first time said, "Do they leave it up there during games?" Suposedly, that was how he earned his nickname.
This was before he became the leader of the "Buffalo Heads", which eventually got him traded, and now the second 1971 Topps card I have. Consequently, I've got a ways to go to finish this set.
Much appreciated, Nick! Looking forward to trading with you again!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed everything! I'll be posting about the great cards you sent me very soon.