Monday, February 22, 2021

Repacked Wax (Part 1)

I am not one of the most up to date people out there. I have bought plenty of baseball cards over the decades in person but never online. Until now.

I had seen boxes of this opened on YouTube when it debuted last February and was impressed with what was being pulled from it. It immediately sold out and was out of stock for what seemed like ages. When I first watched boxes of it being opened I thought that there was no way that down the road you would be getting the "hits" that the YouTubers were getting.

If you've never heard of this product it is cards that have been purchased and repacked in wax packs. The initial series of boxes boasted that nothing would be held back...every card that was in their inventory would be distributed amongst the packs. There was quite a buzz at the time but over the last few months the reviews have been scalding to say the least. Quite possibly it's similar to a recording have decades to write your first album but only a year to write your second. 

So when I saw that the 18 pack was available I picked one up. It was $54.99 with free shipping. It was a few weeks before it got here, but with all the shipping delays across the country I was expecting that.

I'm going to break this up into 3 posts, 6 packs a post with my review of it at the end. So let's begin!

Pack 1

1979 Topps Randy Lerch
1982 Topps Fergie Jenkins
1989 Fleer Mark McGwire
1987 Donruss Randy O'Neal
1989 Score Steve Bedrosian
1986 Fleer Bill Doran
1981 Topps Dave Roberts
2012 Topps Andrew McCutchen
1992 Bowman Kevin McReynolds
1998 Upper Deck Stan Javier
1984 Donruss Bob Horner
1988 Fleer Mike Witt
1990 Topps Tom Foley
1991 Upper Deck Chris Bosio
1991 Topps Scott Sanderson

Pack 2

2004 Topps Frank Catalanotto
1984 Topps Steve Lubratich
1987 Topps Al Nipper
1989 Fleer Dave Gallagher
1982 Fleer Rick Wise
1990 Leaf Tom Pagnozzi
1988 Topps Jimmy Jones
1971 Topps Dave Marshall
1986 Topps Marty Castillo
1980 Tops Fergie Jenkins
1993 Pacific (Spanish) Andujar Cedeno
1988 Sportflics Willie Randolph
1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70 Greg Vaughn
1992 Bowman Gerald Williams
1977 Topps Roy White

Pack 3

1989 Upper Deck Harold Reynolds
1996 Circa Boss '96 Tony Gwynn
1982 Topps Wayne Nordhagen
1986 Fleer Willie Hernandez
1987 Topps John Denny
2004 Topps Blake Hawksworth
1976 Toppie Rookie Catchers and Outfielders (Andy Merchant, Ed Ott, Royle Stillman, Jerry White)
1981 Topps Mike Krukow
2012 Topps Alex Gonzalez
1992 Fleer Ultra Dave Justice
1998 Upper Deck Mel Rojas
1985 Fleer Mickey Rivers
1990 Upper Deck Tom Candiotti
1991 Upper Deck Paul Gibson
1988 Fleer Major League Prospects (Greg Myers, Greg Tabor)

Pack 4

1989 Score Bob Milacki
1986 Topps Traded Mike LaCoss
1981 Topps Buck Martinez
2012 Topps Walmart Parallel Tsuyoshi Nishioka
1992 Fleer Mike Schooler
1998 Upper Deck Vinny Castilla
1988 Score Dick Schofield
2004 Topps Kyle Davies
1979 Topps Mets Team Card
1982 Topps Eddie Whitson
1964 Topps George Brunet
1987 Donruss Denny Walling
1988 Fleer Team Checklist (Angels, Dodgers, Braves, Orioles)
1990 Topps Ruben Sierra
1991 Topps Mike Fitzgerald

Pack 5

1984 Donruss Tom Burgmeier
1982 Fleer Mike Phillips
1985 Topps Rene Lachemann
1976 Topps Ed Herrmann
1990 Leaf Daryl Boston
1987 Topps Record Breaker Todd Worrell
1962 Topps J.C. Martin
1989 Fleer Tim Laudner
1986 Topps Kent Hrbek
1999 Upper Deck MVP Eli Marrero
1988 Sportflics Lou Whitaker
1975 Topps Bruce Bochte
1991 Upper Deck Tom Foley
1992 Bowman Eddie Taubensee
1998 Fleer Metal Edgar Renteria

Pack 6

1989 Upper Deck Steve Jeltz
1989 Fleer All Star Team Frank Viola
1982 Topps Jackson Todd
1992 Fleer Harold Baines
1998 Upper Deck Wilton Guerrero
1985 Fleer Bobby Clark
1986 Fleer Alan Ashby
1987 Topps Jose Uribe
2004 Topps Larry Bowa
1976 Topps Traded Mike Anderson
1981 Topps Dave Roberts 
2013 Bowman Wil Myers
1988 Score Domingo Ramos
1991 Upper Deck Frank White
1990 Upper Deck Claudell Washington

There are the first six packs. A little underwhelming to say the least. Does it get better, more of the same or dare I say....worse?


  1. I saw one of these opened on youtube. It was a more streamlined "just the '70s" rip. I'd pull too many duplicates with this so it's not worth the price, which is already steep, for me.

  2. Uni Watch interviewed the man behind Repacked Wax a year ago (almost to the day).

  3. Hopefully the rest of the break pays off big time.

  4. As expected, lots of late 80's/early 90's cards, with a few surprise vintage. I will say the packs at least do a good job with variety. I hope the rest of the packs make this purchase worthwhile!

  5. I've heard nothing but bad things about their most recent repacks. Given how many negative reviews there are online at this point, I'm surprised that people keep buying them.