Monday, August 25, 2014

250 Baseball Card Cube: You've Been Halved

A couple of Friday nights ago I had the urge to open some cards while watching the Sox game. I drove down to Target, and while the pickings were slim, I did manage to find something.

This had two unopened packs, plus a bunch of loose cards with the possibility of an auto or relic card. I made my selection hoping I had picked one of the "other" cubes.

This was the first unopened pack, but had nothing exciting to report.

However, the first card is another story. I've been trying to piece together the 2006 Upper Deck National Baseball Card Day set, and the Ortiz had eluded me.

Here are some more of my favorites of the first half of the cube.


1990 Donruss Baseballs Best Bip Roberts. This was released in two 144 card sets (one for the AL, and one for the NL), and was a retail-only product.

One of my favorite sets of all time....and the first one I ever finished.

Every time I see a card of Vern Ruhle, I think of how the '75 World Series might have been different if he hadn't of broken Jim Rice's wrist with a pitch the last month of the season.

I like the early Donruss issues (and haven't finished any of the sets), and I was rewarded with a miscut Dwayne Murphy...

...and an equally miscut Reid Nichols.

Although I'm pretty familiar with the players of the late 70's/early 80's Toronto Blue Jays teams, the same apparently cannot be said for the managers. I had to check Wikipedia to find out who this was. Interestingly, he wanted to wear "regular business clothing" rather that a uniform in the dugout. He did not get his wish.

I have a soft spot for the old Montreal Expos uniforms....and some of the players that made their way to Boston. Hello, Pedro!

I thought the photography for the 1988 Score set was excellent. Some of the cropping left a little to be desired, but this was one of my favorite sets of the 80's.

The oldest card so far, a 1974 Topps Bob Watson.

Next post...the second half of the cube!


  1. That white line in the 1988 Score picture was always cutting off heads. Never understood that.