Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Monster Box Mania - You've Been Halved! (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I posted the first half of a monster box of cards I bought. I ended that post "promising" to reveal the second half shortly, which gave the impression that the second post would follow within a couple of days. So much for that idea. Try almost a month later.

One hundred and fifty-two 2001 Fleer Triple Crown. A nice start to the second half.

2000 Just 2K Josh Beckett

Three hundred and sixteen from 2001 Upper Deck MVP. Another set that I've gotten a few here and there over the years.

One from 2007 Topps.

Another one from 2007 Topps (this time with a red back).

Twenty nine from 2007 Topps Update.

Two from 2007 Topps Update Red Backs. In addition to the Doug Mirabelli, there was also a Blue Jays card of Jason Frasor.

Six from 2007 Fleer Ultra.

Twenty-one from 2008 Topps Update. Over the years through purchasing these monster boxes I've accumulated so much of this, it is rivaling my 1989 Topps "collection".

Two from 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter. Both cards were Hunter Pence.

Two from 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter. Neither were Hunter Pence.

One from the 2008 Topps Trading Card History set.

Two from 2009 O-Pee-Chee.

Nine from 2009 Upper Deck.

One from 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars. 169/170. Missed it by one! To me, 170/170 is just as impressive as 1/170.

Four from 2010 Bowman.

One from 2010 Topps Update.

One from 2011 Bowman. I had forgotten about Lars Anderson. He was traded for knuckleball pitcher Steven Wright at the 2012 trade deadline.

One from 2011 Bowman Chrome.

One from 2011 Bowman Platinum.

Seven from 2011 Topps Update including the cool Dee Gordon card.

Three from 2012 Bowman.

Thirty-one from 2012 Topps.

One hundred and thirty-one (with some dupes) from 2012 Topps Update.

Twenty from 2012 Topps Chrome.

Seven from 2012 Topps Archives (all seven were SP's).

One from 2013 Bowman.

Two from 2013 Topps.

Three from 2013 Topps Heritage.

Eleven from 2013 Topps Archives.

It took longer to post about this box than it did to go through it. There was a lot of good stuff contained within, and the best part is that it didn't leave me with too many cards I already had. Any box that has a lot of late 90's cards or from the early part of this century fills quite a gap in my collection.


  1. I still can't believe Kosuke Fukudome once made a major league All-Star team.

  2. Whatever happened to Lars Anderson anyway? By the way, I haven't forgotten about our (hopefully) impending trade, I'm just awful keeping up with email and even worse so with keeping up with trade packages. I'll ping you soon!