Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Return Of The Card Show (Part Two)

Here's the rest of the cards I got from the card show I went to last week. You can see the first half here.

I ended that post with some cards from the 1978 TCMA set. Like the 1979 set I showed earlier, there were only Red Sox cards and I snagged them all.

Included here are three cards each of pitchers Earl Wilson, Bill Monbouquette and Dennis Bennett.

Sticking with the three card theme are pitcher Dick Radatz, valuable utility infielder (according to the back) Eddie Bressoud and first baseman/outfielder Lee Thomas (pictured in a Los Angeles Angels uniform).

This page contains dupes of Malzone and Radatz, first baseman Tony Horton, another Dennis Bennett, pitcher Bill Spanswick, another card of Arnold Earley, two more Lee Thomas cards and another Bill Monbouquette.

The first row of this sheet contains dupes of Tillman, Horton and Spanswick. The second row has dupes of Monbouquette and Wilson and the first appearance of second baseman Chuck Schilling. Rouding out the bottom three cards are all dupes of Wilson, Bressoud and Tillman.

Now you see more dupes of Horton, Schilling, Bressoud, Spanswick and Monbouquette.

The rest of the cards are:

2009 Upper Deck SPX Matt Kemp (for whatever reason this was there and I was too lazy to swap it out for something else)

1990 Pacific Baseball Legends Diego Segui
1990 Pacific Baseball Legends Pete Runnels
1991 Kellogg's Corn Flakes Lou Brock

Here's some from the 1981 TCMA The1960's set. Again, it's all Red Sox.

Joe Foy (x3)
Felix Mantilla (x3)
Mike Andrews (x2)...with another Joe Foy card in the middle

I thought this next page of cards would be harder to figure out. However, it only took Google a couple of seconds to tell me that these cards are from the 1977 TCMA "The War Years Set". The cards I bought are all Red Sox.

This is the back of the cards. Note that the stats are only from 1941 - 1945.

1992 Fleer Citgo 7-11 The Performer Jeff Bagwell
1987 Hygrade Baseball All-Time Greats Duke Snider
1986 Topps Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Eddie Murray
1988 Topps Bazooka Vince Coleman
1988 Topps Bazooka Eric Davis
1992 Lykes Braves Clarence Jones (I couldn't find any info on this card...all the listings have him as card number 18...I have card number 28)
1992 Topps McDonalds Baseballs Best Rickey Henderson
1992 Topps McDonalds Baseballs Best George Brett
1992 Topps McDonalds Baseballs Best Rickey Henderson

1981 TCMA The 1960's Mike Andrews (x2)
1977 TCMA The War Years Hal Wagner (a Red Sox catcher who was traded for Birdie Tebbetts in 1947)
1981 TCMA Renata Galasso Hugh Duffy
1981 TCMA Renata Galasso Ed Barrow
1976 Hostess Don Gullett
1975 Hostess Fred Patek
1975 Hostess Dave Chalk
1975 Hostess Bud Harrelson

All this set me back only $19, so once again I was able to come away with a bunch of cool stuff for not very much money. As long as this dealer keeps setting up at this show, I'll be buying as much from him as I can and sharing any duplicates I get with anyone who's interested!


  1. Great stuff. I would love one of theHorton cards. I have the complete tcma sets but I have a small PC of Horton.

  2. Clarence Jones wore #28 uniform. It is a team issue giveaway card. He is 18th alphabetically.