Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monster Box Mania - You've Been Halved!

I'm a couple behind in regards to posting on these, and they have been much better than the last travesty I sorted through.

For those of you that aren't familiar with these posts, my LCS has stacks of these 1500 count boxes full of cards for $9.99. Not only are they fun to go through, but quite often they have lots of cards from sets I have not completed.

Case in point.

Five hundred forty-two cards from 1991 Topps Stadium Club. This was released in two series, with each series being a three hundred card set. Series One was released to hobby dealers only and had a MSRP of $1.25.

Good luck trying to buy it at that price. I think I paid more than three times that price per pack. Suffice to say, I didn't buy very much. When this set first came out, prices were way above what I could afford.

Check out this price list from the March 1992 issue of Baseball Cards magazine:

Look at those prices!! Could a Kevin Maas base card really set you back eight bucks?

Not today.

So you can imagine that I was quite delighted to almost get the entire six hundred card set. I haven't compared it with what I already have, but at worst I'm only fifty-eight cards from finishing both series.

In case you were wondering about the cards "worth" over ten bucks back then, the David Justice, Juan Gonzalez and Jeff Bagwell cards were included in the monster box.

The Frank Thomas, Ken Griffey Jr., and Phil Plantier was not.

And this isn't Alex Cole.

This is.

Sixty-one from 1999 Donruss.

Eighty-three from 1998 Topps Finest. Do you peel these off? I don't.

Eighty-seven from 2001 Donruss.

Any box that has cards from the late 90's or the first couple years of this century is guaranteed to pique my interest. It is quite a trip to read the backs of cards from these years in regards to the home run and RBI totals. I bet the batboys could have hit 20 home runs back then.

Plus not only was I collecting cards back then, I really wasn't following baseball that much either. So I also get to see players in uniforms that I don't remember them ever wearing...like the Eric Davis card pictured above.

I'll be posting the second half of this box shortly. I'm still going through it, but it has a bit more variety than the first half.


  1. I peel the film off of my Finest cards.


  3. Some of my Finest are peeled some are not. If I have two of one, then one of each works for me. BTW, I'd love to get my hands on some of those boxes. Late 90s and early 2000s is the biggest gaps in my cards.

  4. I feel sorry for anyone who paid those prices for '91 Stadium Club. ... unless they immediately turned around and sold them for a profit.

  5. I paid $17 for the Phil Plantier. I had to, before the price went even higher. Right?