Thursday, October 30, 2014

I Had To Do It

So everybody now is familiar with Fairfield's attempt to make me a Stephen Drew supercollector. If not you can read about it here.

There was a third box at Target, and I had to see if it was still there. I had to know...would it include a Stephen Drew batting glove swatch, part of his cleat, a lock of his hair, I just had to know.

I drove down to Target about a hour ago and picked it up.

Again, the packs were not bad.

Seven packs of 2013 Topps Series II (I know a bit much, but I haven't finished this set yet).

One pack of 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum.

Five packs of 2013 Topps Archives. I've finished the set, so hopefully I can get some SP's (which I don't consider part of the set, of course).

One pack of 2012 Topps Series 1.

1 pack of 2013 Topps Opening Day.

Five packs of 2014 Topps Heritage.

The hit?


I have not been designated as a Stephen Drew relic dumping ground. That's reassuring.


  1. Great relic, bro. You could do a lot worse than Crime Dog.

  2. Replies
    1. I haven't opened them yet. I'm still opening the packs from the previous repack box, but so far, I haven't pulled anything worth bragging about.

  3. Crime Dog is a good pull for a repack. It would have been a good story if it was JD Drew.