Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monster Box Mistake?

A week ago last Sunday, I drove down to the local card show. This is the closest one to my house and is also the one that has the table full of oddball cards that I've featured a few times on this blog. However when I got there I found out the show was changed...to two weeks earlier. Ugh.

I've never called to confirm a show before, but no worries...instead of the local card show, I'll go to the local card shop. To satisfy my baseball card craving, I picked up another ten dollar monster box of cards. I've been buying these for years, and I would say about ninety percent of the time it's full of good stuff.

Then there is the other ten percent of the time.

Oh dear.



  1. If I could get $9.95 for my monster boxes of 1989 or 1986..........

  2. You could wallpaper a trailer house with all that faux woodgrain.