Friday, July 25, 2014

1989 Donruss Pop-Ups

In addition to the monster boxes that I buy from my LCS, occasionally I'll pick up a cheap box of cards as well. Off to the side they always have an assortment of boxes and sets for $10 a piece. You'll find your usual assortment of junk wax Score Football, Donruss Baseball, NASCAR, and other boxes that are tough to give away, much less sell. This box would fall under the "tough to give away" description for those collectors concerned with potential ROI. But for me, who collects for fun, this was right up my alley.

There are 48 packs in a box.

Each pack contained five base cards... pop-up card...

...and of course, one card containing three pieces of the Stan Musial puzzle.

The backs of the base cards show their stats for the 1988 All-Star Game, their career All-Star Game stats, plus highlights of each players career.

This is what one of the pop-up cards looks like "popped-up".

It is a sixty-four card set, each player from the AL and NL as well as both managers can be found in this set. The starting nine from each league plus each manager received both a base card and pop-up card.

 There were three Red Sox in the set.

Wade Boggs was the only Red Sox player in the starting lineup, so there is both a base card and pop-up card for him, plus there are base cards of...

Roger Clemens...

...and Mike Greenwell.

I was able to put together two complete sets out of the box (with a complete puzzle), plus some dupes.

Here's the checklist for the set. (Cards 1 - 10 and 33 - 42 have pop-up cards as well as base cards)

     1      Mark McGwire         Oakland Athletics       
     2      Jose Canseco         Oakland Athletics       
     3      Paul Molitor         Milwaukee Brewers       
     4      Rickey Henderson     New York Yankees        
     5      Cal Ripken Jr        Baltimore Orioles       
     6      Dave Winfield        New York Yankees        
     7      Wade Boggs           Boston Red Sox          
     8      Frank Viola          Minnesota Twins         
     9      Terry Steinbach      Oakland Athletics        
     10     Tom Kelly            Minnesota Twins         
     11     George Brett         Kansas City Royals      
     12     Doyle Alexander      Detroit Tigers          
     13     Gary Gaetti          Minnesota Twins         
     14     Roger Clemens        Boston Red Sox          
     15     Mike Greenwell       Boston Red Sox          
     16     Dennis Eckersley     Oakland Athletics       
     17     Carney Lansford      Oakland Athletics       
     18     Mark Gubicza         Kansas City Royals      
     19     Tim Laudner          Minnesota Twins         
     20     Doug Jones           Cleveland Indians       
     21     Don Mattingly        New York Yankees        
     22     Dan Plesac           Milwaukee Brewers        
     23     Kirby Puckett        Minnesota Twins         
     24     Jeff Reardon         Minnesota Twins         
     25     Johnny Ray           California Angels       
     26     Jeff Russell         Texas Rangers           
     27     Harold Reynolds      Seattle Mariners        
     28     Dave Stieb           Toronto Blue Jays       
     29     Kurt Stillwell       Kansas City Royals      
     30     Jose Canseco         Oakland Athletics       
     31     Terry Steinbach      Oakland Athletics       
     32     A.L. Checklist         
     33     Will Clark           San Francisco Giants    
     34     Darryl Strawberry    New York Mets           
     35     Ryne Sandberg        Chicago Cubs            
     36     Andre Dawson         Chicago Cubs            
     37     Ozzie Smith          St. Louis Cardinals     
     38     Vince Coleman        St. Louis Cardinals     
     39     Bobby Bonilla        Pittsburgh Pirates      
     40     Dwight Gooden        New York Mets           
     41     Gary Carter          New York Mets           
     42     Whitey Herzog        St. Louis Cardinals     
     43     Shawon Dunston       Chicago Cubs            
     44     David Cone           New York Mets            
     45     Andres Galarraga     Montreal Expos          
     46     Mark Davis           San Diego Padres        
     47     Barry Larkin         Cincinnati Reds         
     48     Kevin Gross          Philadelphia Phillies    
     49     Vance Law            Chicago Cubs            
     50     Orel Hershiser       Los Angeles Dodgers     
     51     Willie McGee         St. Louis Cardinals     
     52     Danny Jackson        Cincinnati Reds         
     53     Rafael Palmeiro      Chicago Cubs            
     54     Bob Knepper          Houston Astros          
     55     Lance Parrish        Philadelphia Phillies    
     56     Greg Maddux          Chicago Cubs            
     57     Gerald Perry         Atlanta Braves           
     58     Bob Walk             Pittsburgh Pirates      
     59     Chris Sabo           Cincinnati Reds         
     60     Todd Worrell         St. Louis Cardinals     
     61     Andy Van Slyke       Pittsburgh Pirates      
     62     Ozzie Smith          St. Louis Cardinals     
     63     Riverfront Stadium   Cincinnati Reds
     64     N.L. Checklist    


  1. Johnny Ray was the only Angel rep? That shows you what a team they had in 88.

  2. Did you crack the whole box? If you've got an extra Knepper or Will Clark, I'd love one.