Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Jampacks Wax Baseball Part 3


Here is the third and final post for the Jampacks Wax Baseball Repack Wax.

A couple posts back Jafronius had asked what the packs look like. Here they are.

Pack 1

1989 Topps Roger Clemens 
2001 Topps Golden Moments Kerry Wood
2022 Topps Series 1 Welcome To The Show Javier Baez
1986 Topps N.L. All - Star Jeff Reardon 
2018 Topps Chrome Masahiro Tanaka
1991 Score Benny Santiago 
2001 Upper Deck Black Diamond Ryan Klesko
1976 Topps Stan Perzanowski
2020 Topps Jose Altuve
1988 Donruss Paul Molitor 
2022 Topps International Trading Card Day Bobby Witt Jr
1984 Topps Alan Trammell
2007 Topps Allen and Ginter John Smoltz
2020 Topps Stadium Club Max Kepler

I like the Bobby Witt Jr card the best in this pack.

Pack 2

1997 Donruss Studio Fred McGriff
1981 Topps San Diego Padres Team Card
2018 Topps George Springer
1996 Pinnacle Aficionado Marty Cordova
2022 Topps Heritage Trea Turner
2000 Fleer Metal Carlos Beltran
1990 Bowman Sammy Sosa 
2020 Topps Heritage High Numbers Now and Then Ronald Acuna Jr 
1990 Fleer Andres Galarraga
2019 Topps Heritage The Sporting News Jose Altuve 
1976 Topps Sixto Lezcano
2007 Topps Update and Highlights Season Highlights Red Back Mark Buehrle
1986 Kaybee Young Superstars Frank Viola
2020 Topps Stadium Club Marcus Semien 

I love oddball cards, so I'm going to go with the '86 Kaybee Viola as my favorite. 

Pack 3

1990 Topps Don Mattingly 
2020 Topps Archives Kenley Jansen
2005 Fleer Trevor Hoffman
1991 Donruss Sammy Sosa
2020 Donruss Optic Rhys Hoskins 
1989 Donruss Diamond Kings Rick Reuschel
2019 Update Austin Riley
1974 Topps Traded Jim Wynn
2000 Upper Deck MVP Ken Griffey Jr 
1991 Leaf Paul O'Neill
2022 Topps Archives Warren Spahn
1982 Renata Galasso 1961 New York Yankees Bob Cerv
2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Green Parallel Tim Anderson
2010 Topps 206 Troy Glaus

Again, the oddball wins. Congrats, Bob Cerv.

Pack 4

2022 Topps Archives Freddie Freeman 
1989 Donruss Paul O'Neill 
2001 Upper Deck Cal Ripken Jr 
2019 Donruss Optic Purple Parallel Zack Greinke 07/99
1987 Donruss Ozzie Guillen
2021 Panini Absolute Power Nelson Cruz
1989 Topps Kevin Mitchell
2005 Upper Deck ESPN Web Gems Mike Mussina 
1981 Donruss Tom Seaver 
2022 Topps Update Matt Brash
1988 Score Phil Niekro
2021 Topps Gallery Francisco Lindor 
1987 Topps Bert Blyleven 
2001 Fleer Triple Crown Derrek Lee

Nothing too exciting here, so I'll go with the '81 Seaver.

Pack 5

2003 Donruss Classics Barry Bonds
1982 Donruss Jerry Royster
2020 Topps Update Turkey Red TR - 26 Nick Castellanos 
1999 Sports Illustrated RBI Leaders Sammy Sosa/Juan Gonzalez
1994 Topps Finest Gary Gaetti 
2020 Topps Allen and Ginter Todd Helton 
1992 Topps Stadium Club Dome A.L. All-Star Ruben Sierra 
2022 Topps Future Stars Andrew Vaughn
1992 Classic Four Sport Derek Jeter 
2018 Topps Update All-Star Game Alex Bregman
1976 Topps Matt Alexander 
1998 Topps Gary Sheffield 
1988 Topps Darryl Strawberry 
2022 Donruss Max Muncy

The obvious choice is the '92 Classic Derek Jeter.

Pack 6

2021 Topps Allen and Ginter Ronald Acuna Jr 
1987 Topps Future Stars Rafael Palmeiro 
2009 Topps Mike Mussina
2022 Topps Series 1 Generation Now Trevor Rogers 
1995 Score Select Juan Gonzalez
2018 Bowman Platinum Top Prospects Sean Murphy
1988 Fleer Star Stickers Willie Randolph 
2000 Skybox Adrian Beltre
1968 Topps The Sporting News All-Star Lou Brock
2018 Topps National Baseball Card Day Jake Arrieta
1992 Score Andy Van Slyke
2017 Bowman Then and Now Madison Bumgarner
1985 Topps Willie Randolph
2007 Upper Deck Adam Dunn

I'll go with the '68 Brock as my favorite card here. 

Pack 7

1991 Leaf Randy Johnson
2019 Topps Update All-Star Game Aroldis Chapman 
1980 TCMA Baseball Immortals Larry Lajoie
2020 Topps Allen and Ginter Manny Machado 
2001 Olayoff Absolute Memorabilia Home Opener Souvenirs Base Relic Roberto Alomar 271/400
1981 Toops Rennie Stennett
2022 Donruss Kyle Schwarber
1986 Topps Kent Hrbek
2020 Donruss Kevin Mitchell 

The Alomar base Relic was a thick card so that's why there were only 9 in this pack.

Pack 8

1988 Topps Nolan Ryan
2019 Bowman Platinum Top Prospects Triston McKenzie
2000 Upper Deck Season Highlights Checklist Barry Bonds 
1996 Bowman Foil Parallel Shawn Green
2022 Bowman Bryan De La Cruz
1992 Pinnacle Harold Reynolds 
2019 Donruss David Wright 
1974 Topps Cookie Rojas
2006 Topps National League RBI Leaders Andruw Jones/Albert Pujols/Pat Burrell
1987 Topps Bruce Sutter
2020 Topps Player Highlights Rhys Hoskins 
1992 Donruss Ron Gant
2020 Topps Opening Day Yordan Alvarez 
2001 Upper Deck MVP Rick Ankiel

Not much in this pack...the Alvarez rookie is probably tops here.

What I like about this is the variety...out of the 24 packs the set most represented was 1987 Topps with only 7 cards. There were a few sets with 5 cards, but most had a couple at best. 

The oldest card was the 1960 Fleer Ernie Lombardi and there were 21 cards from 2022...the most recent.

Even though this decade is not even 3 years old, it was the one most represented with 72 cards, with the 1990s a close second with 71 cards. The only drawback is not much vintage...only 18 cards before 1980, although in their defense for example, I could have gotten any common from 1968. Instead it was a Lou Brock Sporting News All-Star.  I also pulled a '77 Gaylord Perry, a '77 Robin Yount, a '78 Tom Seaver and a '78 Jack Morris. Even though the 1987 Topps set had the most cards represented in this box, 2 of them were the Rafael Palmeiro and Will Clark rookies. 

I always stress that these types of boxes are for enjoyment and not for ROI. Out of the ones I've opened, I would say this is probably the best option. You get some decent cards, a fair amount of them are stars or rookies, plus 1 relic and 1 auto. The best part is that the "hits" are not going to be something pulled out of 2008 Bowman who never made it to the major leagues. Case in point; my auto was Carlos Delgado and my relic was Roberto Alomar...probably better pulls than if I had purchased a modern hobby box. 

The cost of a box is $84.99 of 24 packs with 14 cards in each pack. Shipping is included in the purchase price. One thing of note...if you order a box, it will be a few weeks before it arrives...but if you're anything like me. It will be worth the wait.

What I'm Listening To While I Post This 

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  1. For me, I mean, a pack with a 1981 Tom Seaver (which I don't think I have) and a Greinke SN /99 plus a cool recent Lindor would be pretty nice, and the Alomar relic is cool. Maybe those packs justify being, what, about $3.50 per pack? Maybe. The rest, not so much. But glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Very interesting stuff. I haven't bought packs in years, but these would at least guarantee some fun. Are you interested in trading that Greinke? I just picked up a couple of other numbered parallels of that card, and the purple would look nice next to the others. Let me know if you want me to look for something to trade there, if not, no worries!

  3. I decided to go through each pack and select my favorite card I don't have for each:
    1. Kerry Wood; 2. Ronald Acuna Jr (the Trea Turner is an SP and most difficult card from that set for me to find, so that's key); 3. Bob Cerv; 4. Mike Mussina; 5. Gary Gaetti (my brain jumped right over Jeter, that's how appealing I find that card); 6. Lou Brock AS (nice!); 7. Roberto Alomar relic; 8. Rick Ankiel
    I own too many cards (all the '70s cards are dupes) to justify buying this, but it does seem fun.

  4. Makes me think about all of those "extra" cards sitting in my garage.

  5. Woo! Thanks for showing the wrapper haha. Glad you enjoyed the rip; it's certainly appealing that the current cards are star players and if you were to get a common it would be from the early 80's or earlier.