Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Cardsone Chronicles - Baseball Edition (Season 2 Episode 1)

Most of the repacks I buy are from the dollar store. There is a Dollar Tree where I live and I usually stop in there around once a week. Quite often they have what is a labled as an "Ultimate Super Jumbo Pack", in this case the "Baseball Edition". The company is called Cardsone, and these packs generally contain cards solely from the junk wax era. I still enjoy opening these and often will open one before I go to bed. It sort of winds down the evening for me. The most recent batch of these featured a card from 1988 Donruss peeking through the wrapper.

1988 Donruss Jose Mesa (Orioles)
1984 Donruss Scott Ullger (Twins)
1984 Topps Ozzie Smith AS (Cardinals)
1985 Topps Gene Richards (Giants)
1990 Donruss Tim Teufel (Mets)
1985 Topps Terry Forster (Braves)
1990 Donruss Steve Avery (Braves)
1990 Donruss John Cerutti (Blue Jays)
1987 Topps Scott McGregor (Orioles)

1987 Topps Jose Oquendo (Cardinals)
1990 Topps Mike Jackson (Mariners)
1981 Topps Dennis Kinney (Padres)
1986 Topps Alex Trevino (Giants)
1989 Upper Deck Mike Dunne (Pirates)
1990 Topps Craig McMurtry (Rangers)
1990 Upper Deck Xavier Hernandez (Blue Jays)
1986 Topps Donnie Hill (A's)
1988 Score Les Straker (Twins)

1987 Topps Tom Niedenfuer (Dodgers)
1989 Donruss Rick Aguilera (Mets)
1992 Upper Deck Jack McDowell (White Sox)
1987 Topps Rick Burleson (Angels)
1981 Donruss Larry Milbourne (Yankees)
1987 Fleer Floyd Youmans (Expos)
1987 Fleer Bryan Clutterbuck (Brewers)
1988 Fleer Devon White (Angels)
1987 Jaime Cocanower (Brewers)

1987 Fleer Todd Worrell (Cardinals)
1991 Topps Les Lancaster (Cubs)
1989 Topps Luis Polonia (A's)
1986 Fleer Update Neil Allen (White Sox)
1990 Donruss Larry Anderson (Astros)

I haven't been buying these as much lately as I've been focusing on working on completing sets rather than just buying random packs of cards. I did like seeing the 1981 Donruss Larry Milbourne and the '87 Fleer cards. I've still got a ways to go to complete both sets. Ditto for the '84 Donruss, so it was cool to see the Scott Ulger card.

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