Saturday, February 15, 2014

2013-14 Series One Upper Deck Hockey

I had planned to get back into collecting hockey cards this winter, but so far it hasn't really materialized. I did however get a couple of packs of Upper Deck a little bit ago.

I have not followed hockey much or bought many hockey cards since the 90's, so it's almost like buying minor league baseball cards for me. I don't recognize anybody.

Pack 1

Shane Doan (Coyotes)
Logan Couture (Sharks)
Steve Ott (Sabres)
Ray Whitney (Stars) - Yay! Someone I recognize!
Jason Pominville (Wild)
Anders Lindback (Lightning)
Josh Bailey (Islanders)
Alexandre Burrows (Canucks)

Pack 2

Ondrej Pavelec (Jets)
Teemu Selanne (Ducks) - Another name I recognize!
Tyler Myers (Sabres)
Chris Stewart UD Canvas (Blues)
Nicklas Backstrom (Capitals)
Sven Baertschi (Flames)
Cody Eakin (Stars)
Jordan Staal (Hurricanes)

I like this set. Although I'm doesn't look like I'll be getting that much more now that 2014 baseball is out.


  1. Some names you may recognize even from all the way back in the '90s there, Ray Whitney, Shane Doan and Teemu Selanne!

  2. At least we get UD photography somewhere. They do a nice job with hockey.