Saturday, December 7, 2013

Trade With Night Owl

I have today off, so I'm spending the day sorting cards and trying to catch up on trade posts. This is my first trade with Greg from Night Owl Cards, and it only cost me some Dodgers and '75 Topps minis.

Twenty-two from 1989 Upper Deck. I never bought any of these in 1989 becuase there was no way I was going to pay .99 cents (or whatever they cost at the time) for a pack of these baseball cards.

And I kept my word. I pay $4 a pack instead.

2012 Topps Norichika Aoki...and one off of my "Discourgaing Dozen".

Eleven from 2010 Topps. I've bought a lot of this, but you would think it was a five thousand card set with the number of times I've shown cards that I needed.

Four from 1985 Topps. I wasn't collecting at this time, and it's nice to finally be close to completing this set.

Two from 1975 Topps. This set was also released when I wasn't collecting, althought in this case, I'm nowhere near close to finishing it.

One from 1994 Collector's Choice...

...eight from 2007 Upper Deck round out the trade package.

Thank you Greg!

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