Sunday, December 29, 2013

Monster Box Mania! (Chapter 1)

The majority of my card buying is done at either Wal-Mart or Target, although for the first time in quite a while, I went to some card shows as well. I buy any supplies I need from my LCS. There are two in my area, and one of them always has 1500 count boxes of cards for $9.95. These boxes are pretty much the only cards I buy from my LCS. These boxes are great for set builders like myself because they will have cards from sets I can't find at shows or some commons from a current set. And at less than a penny a card, the price is definitely right.

It usually takes me a month or so to go through a box. I got this one in November, and just finished it the other day. Generally I look for ones that are baseball only, but lately they've only had boxes of assorted cards (meaning they could be from any sport).

I've been buying these for years, but this is the first post I've done about one. These are very fun for me to go through, and I hope you enjoy reading about the contents as much as I did sorting through it.

One hundred cards from 2013 Topps Chrome.

Not a bad way to start. I've haven't bought a pack of this yet, but for less than a buck I've got a good starter set going.

Sixteen from 2013 Topps Finest.

I didn't even know this set still existed.

Three hundred and seventy-eight from 2013 Topps Football (which also included a few inserts and a couple of minis).

I have gotten most of my football cards from the year 2000 on from boxes like these. I've got some dupes, so if anybody is collecting this set, send me a want list and I'll see if I have any you need.

Eleven from 2012 Bowman Chrome.

More chrome for discount prices. Thank you very much.

Thirty-three from 2013 Topps Update.

Four from 2013 Topps Museum Collection.

I had never seen these before. I like them, I wish there was more than four in the box.

Forty-five from 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter. About a third of them were inserts, which I'm holding on to for now.

Nine from 2013-14 Score Hockey.

Fourty-three from 2013-14 Panini Prizm Hockey.

These are just as "exciting" as the baseball issue.

Fifteen from 2012-13 Panini NBA Hoops Basketball.

Twenty-two cards from 1978 Topps....and they are all Cardinals, except for one lone Blue Jay "slugger" (Luis Gomez).

I used to watch "The Mad Hungarian" when he was with the Royals. His antics on the mound looked so cool to me as a child.

Three hundred and twenty-two from 1986 Donruss. This is why I enjoy these boxes so much. I was not collecting in 1986, and I've found the Donruss issue to not be as plentiful (or as cheap) as let's say.....Topps. These must have been taken from a set, because they were all in numerical order, as they were cards 588 through 266. This takes a good chunk off of my want list!

Four from 2013 Bowman Platinum.

The four in the box were no better than if I had bought a pack. My "pack" cost less than four cents.

Six cards from the 2006 National Baseball Card Day, including a Kenji Johjima National Pastime insert.

I'm finding these all over the place now. All of a sudden I have far too many Paul Konerko's than any man should have. Have people actually been sitting on these for seven years?

Thirty-seven from 2013 Topps Series 1.

One hundred and forty-nine from Upper Deck 2001. It's only a ninety card set and I didn't get all of it, so if anybody is trying to complete that set, let me know. I've got a decent amount of dupes, so hopefully I can help you out.

Twenty-one from 2005 Bowman Draft Picks.

One hundred and five cards from 2013 Panini Prizm Football, including Terrell "I hate the Patriots" Suggs.

After the thrashing the Ravens got from the Pats last week, I bet he hates them even more.

One hundred and four from 2009-10 Upper Deck Draft Edition. Another set I didn't know existed. I did a quick search and this is a sixty-eight card set. I'm missing about a dozen cards, so that means I've got some dupes if anybody out there is collecting this set.

If you add all of the cards up, you'll note that it only adds up to 1424 cards. So it wasn't quite 1500, but still less than a penny a card for a lot of fun.


  1. Woah! That's an AWESOME deal! If my LCS did this they'd charge $20 and fill the entire thing with 1988 Fleer.

  2. My LCS has all the NFL jerseys you need.

    That's a Kershaw I don't have (hint, hint).

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