Sunday, August 25, 2013

Luck With Listia

I've talked a couple times about Listia before (here and here), and said that I didn't really care much for it. Well, I still had my original amount of credits and was still getting emails from them, so I went back on the site and put in a few bids for a couple of things.

I'm guilty of that quite often...complaining that something sucks and then trying it again later.

And as difficult as it was to believe I pulled a buyback card out of 1991 Topps, it is more difficult to believe (at least for me anyways), that I actually won something!!

Ten 1994 Fleer Extra Bases cards. These are oversized cards and part of a 400 card set.

I think I now have 15 of the 400.

Although they arrived safe and sound, I think it was more by luck than shipping smarts.

First of all, they showed up in a PWE by themselves with no protection of any kind. I was very surprised that there were no dents or any sort of dings on them.

The front of the envelope was blank, my address was written on a small pink piece of paper and taped with packing tape to the back of the envelope.

Not too impressive. But alas, ten Extra Bases cards weigh more than one ounce, so on the envelope it was stamped...
Fortunately, my friendly post office did not charge me the extra 20 cents. 

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  1. The inflation of the number of credits for cards (everything starting at 499, etc.), made me quit Listia for 3 months. Then I decided, what the hell, I'll try selling a few things again to get rid of crap and I got in a dispute with a buyer right away (I won). Fortunately, I won a card today to get rid of the bitter taste. I'm not sure if I'm back for good though.