Sunday, March 24, 2013

Please Explain Listia To Me

When I was a kid, I promised myself I would not be as "clueless" as my parents. I think around 1964 they said; "That's it, I'm not going any further."

And they didn't. Music, fashion, TV, movies...if it happened in popular culture after the Truman administration, they had no idea about it.

Well, I have a confession to make. I have no idea what is going on in popular culture.

This New Year's Eve I watched MTV for a bit. I knew nobody.

Then the channel was changed to NBC. I knew everybody.

25 years ago it would have been the other way around.

A few weeks ago a group of friends and I went to a popular dance club. The music was really, really loud. Now I've seen AC/DC live, and I swear this was louder than that. Anyways, I don't dance, but we all went on the dance floor to watch. After a few minutes of watching, I turned to my fiancee as said; "I feel like I'm chaperoning a high school dance."

For all of the promises I made to myself when I was younger that I would not be "clueless" like my parents, here is how it currently stands.

I do not have an iphone, ipad, ithis or ithat.

I do not Facebook.

I do not tweet.

The fact that I am blogging invoked a smattering of elation amongst my inner circle of friends.

In fact I am probably less connected to the modern world than my parents were.

I still listen to cassette tapes!

I've got "London Calling" by the Clash playing out of my double cassette player as we speak!

So please help me with Listia.

I've read on other blogs about great things like Hostess cards or some vintage, but all I ever see are stacks of '90 Fleer (which is ok, but I've already finished it), or some way overpriced (in points) oddball card. The other day I saw a lot of 9 Red Sox cards which I was immediately interested in, but upon further inspection it was only 4 different cards with the other 5 being duplicates.

So it seems like it's a lot of work to me. I like the concept, but so far the results are less than impressive.

I copied and pasted this from one of the auctions. Is this commonplace? Does anybody who does this have a problem with bidders? It sounds like this person has all sorts of problems.

***ALL LISTIA RULES APPLY*** If you are not familiar with the rules please go to this link: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU NOT KNOWING LISTIA RULES!!

I am sorry this has to keep getting longer and longer but I am forced to add every single word to make sure I protect legit bidders and myself from those who "crash" auctions and then want their credits back....Please read this entirely before bidding.

PLEASE DO ALL OF YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE BIDDING....No bids will be refunded so be careful and make sure this is what you want. All of my auctions are "AS IS" unless otherwise noted. No returns unless otherwise noted.

If you have any problems please let me know and I will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. I will do everything I can to resolve your issue before getting Listia involved in a dispute.

It sounds like it is more hassle than it is worth. So before I make a decision on whether I am going to participate in Listia or not, I would like to hear other peoples experiences. So if you are reading this and you've ever "bought" anything or "sold" anything on Listia, please comment and tell me about it.
It will be greatly appreciated.

Well, since this is a card blog, I should probably show at least a couple. I've been showing stuff from the '90s lately, so let's fire up the wayback machine and go to the 70's.

1977 Topps. The first set I ever collected. I bought this in January of this year at a card show, because I thought I needed it. I don't have a list for this set, because I used to look at these cards so much when I was a kid that I don't need one. I can just tell by the picture whether I have it or not. So I bought it because I didn't recognize the picture, brought it home and found out I already had one.

So does anybody need a '77 Topps Steve Dillard?

1979 Topps Jim Wright. Bought it at the same card show. Thought I needed it. Didn't.

So if you have a little spare time I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about Listia.

Help an old guy out.

And "London Calling" is done. Time to get another tape.


  1. How to get "current" when you get older: have a teenager.

    As a late 40s dude, I know way more than I should about pop culture, etc.

    But you wanted to know about Listia.

    It's true, Listia is a lot of work. It's basically as time consuming as you want it to be, but you have to invest some time to get anything worthwhile.

    There is a lot of junk on there, but you have to remember that's because the stuff is free. It's a minor league version of Ebay.

    I like it because I don't have to spend much money (except for mailing stuff out that I "sell"). And there is good stuff on there if you are patient and do a lot of looking.

    I think the reason that person wrote that long disclaimer is that there are some questionables (re: bums) on the site, as there is anywhere anytime anyone puts out a big sign that says FREE.

    Anyway, if you want a much more detailed breakdown of the site (yup, I can write longer), let me know and I'll email you.

  2. I like Listia. Go to my blog and type Listia in the search field and you will see why. Good stuff shows up there you just have to be patient.

  3. I am kind of surprised about this but I could use the Dillard. I probably have quite a few of your other needs. Email me and we can set something up.