Thursday, March 14, 2013

Junk Wax Joy

Well, other than the rack pack of Heritage I bought last week, I haven't gotten anything new lately. The budget has not allowed much for cards lately because my birthday was at the end of February.

Remember when birthdays were fun? Now it's just another year closer to Medicare, registering your vehicle and praying it passes inspection. Well, it didn't the first time. The second time it did. $375 later. Although it's not an awful lot, it's going to prevent me from buying a lot of new stuff right now. Plus my truck is in a higher weight class than a car, so registration is more expensive as well. So February is not my favorite month anymore, even with Spring Training.

So here's what I've been doing in the meantime:

1994 Stadium Club. I bought a box of Series 1 and Series 2 for $5 a piece. An ugly set, but one I had started back in the day and am now a lot closer to finishing.

1991 Topps. Even though this is one of the few sets that I have actually completed (and I even did it in 1991!), because of repacks and buying boxes of commons, I seem to always have stacks of it lying around. I probably could put together 2 or 3 more sets and still have a lot left over. I actually like this set a lot and this card is one of the reasons why.

Aren't you glad this doesn't happen anymore?

Did anybody else get this magazine? If you didn't, then you missed out on the prediction that Greg Jefferies could be the next Gary Sheffield.

And no, I didn't WIN! WIN!! WIN!!! Dave's autograph.

Although I am a fan of 1988 Score, sometimes the cropping job leaves a bit to be desired.

Apparently showing the entire bat was very important to the folks over at Score.

The late 80's sets I enjoy very much. Even though they were vastly overproduced, it was a time when I had gotten back into card collecting. After a few years break I started going to a weekly flea market in 1987, where I would buy boxes of '87 Topps for $15 a box. Most of those late '80's sets I did finish. My problem is that I never seem to collect a year or a set when there is a big rookie.

For example, I have so many cards from 1989, I could build a house of cards the size of the Sears Tower. But do I have the UD Griffey rookie? Of course not. Why? Didn't collect Upper Deck in 1989.

Do I have a Mattingly rookie? No. Why? Didn't collect in '84.

I have plenty of '90 and '91 Bowman. Do I have the '92 Rivera Rookie? No. Why? Didn't collect Bowman in '92.

However I do, have the '89 Topps Greg Jefferies rookie. I have several actually.

But it's not the same.  Even if he didn't become the next Gary Sheffield.


  1. Although I'd agree that it wasn't one of their finest efforts, I'd take a five-buck box of '94 Stadium Club all day long. Still a lot of terrific photos in that set.

    Just digging through all those cards would've been worth the price to me, nice pickup!

  2. Hey, that '89 Jefferies "Future Star" is a damn masterpiece! Much better than looking at a yearbook photo of Mo Rivera that passes as a '92 Bowman rookie. But, that's just me...