Saturday, March 23, 2013

Embracing My ADD

Last night I finally had some time to mess around with blogger and get rid of that boring setup that I had previously. Well, I didn't really get rid of it on purpose. I had wanted to see what a certain template looked like in preview mode and accidentally applied it to the blog. And I couldn't remember what I had previously, so I found a template I liked and put it up there for now.

How long I keep it depends. One of things about me is that I probably have severe ADD. No, I know I have it. Spend a day with me and I bet you would agree too. I cannot sit still and am always doing several things at once. It not that I need to do that, I have to do that.

Even when it comes to baseball cards. I have a 5000 count monster box and another 1500 count box full of cards I haven't even looked at, so I don't even know what they are. Most of it came courtesy of my future father-in-law who bought a bunch of loose cards at an auction for very cheap.

Because that wasn't enough to do, I went to my LCS and bought another 1500 count box of commons for $9.99. My card budget currently is not what it has been in recent months, so I am trying to be good, but sometimes I relapse.

A normal person probably would just focus on one box and get that sorted. Not me, I am currently going through the two 1500 count boxes at the same time. A stack from one, then a stack from the other. So what have I found so far today?

From the box I already had:

1991 Classic Eric Young. More minor league stuff from the junk wax era. Not a problem for me, though. I enjoy this stuff.

Now something from the box I just got:

1990 Upper Deck. Again, I don't mind this stuff. I have not finished this set anyways, so I'm sure some of it is needed. So far there's been about 75 cards from this set in the box.

It was labeled "Assorted Sportscards", so that means there is football, hockey and basketball in it as well. It is mostly baseball and a quick look shows that most of this box is from the early 90's, which is fine because I collected most of these sets and did not finish most of them. I've said it before on this blog, and I'll say it again.


Okay, back to the first box.

1992 Studio! I actually bought some of this on purpose. And I went back and bought some more! What can I say, I liked this set. How else would I know that Tim Naehring's favorite movie was Caddyshack. Good choice, Tim.

Back to the recently purchased box:

More great stuff from '92. (Is that the first time those words have been together in a sentence?) Delino DeShields, and if I am correct, that is also Tom Glavine and Spike Owen. 1992 Donruss is another set that I had bought a bunch of but never finished, so this is welcome in my home. There's about 85 cards here.

My ADD is working overtime today. What's in the first box?

1996 Topps, and Rick Aguilera making his only appearance as a Boston Red Sox. He was acquired for the 1995 season for Frankie Rodriguez, who at one time was supposed to be the shortstop of the future for the Red Sox (and initially was the big card in the 1991 Upper Deck Final set), and eventually made the major leagues as a pitcher.

We'll make one last trip to yesterdays acquistions:

Awesome, 1990 Donruss! (More words you've probably never seen together.) I didn't buy very much of this, so I probably need a good chunk of the hundred or so cards that are in this box.

I don't know about you, but this is fun for me. I've enjoyed baseball cards since I was eight years old. Junk wax or limited edition, it's all the same to me.

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to sign off for today because I need to do my taxes, take out the trash, make dinner, sort some more cards, finish a book I've been reading and clean out my truck.

All at the same time of course.

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  1. I think most of us collectors suffer from some sort of alphabet soup type of syndrome in varying degress, whether it be ADD or OCD. Hey, as long as you enjoy the cards and the experience of the hobby, that's all that matters.