Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Collector's Edge Baseball Repack Box

This was not a recent purchase. I bought these over a year ago and am just now putting a post together about it. There is no snow on the ground here, the picture is also over a year old. 

I got this at Walgreens at some point in the beginning of 2022. This was the first time I had seen cards there in quite some time. I had no idea what was in this box but it was $8.99. A bit steep...but I bought 2 baseball and 1 football. Here's the first baseball box.

First up was a pack of 1988 Fleer.


The only other thing in the box was a small selection of random cards.

It started off okay with a 2018 Opening Day Ozzie Albies Rookie but quickly morphed into...

half of a Fairfield box...

...for almost twice the price.

That was it. $8.99. Wow. 

What I'm Listening To While I Post This 

Bad Company - Can't Get Enough


  1. Oof. That makes me glad that my Walgreen's has stuff like this under glass. Prevents me from doing something dumb.

  2. Didn't the Fairfield packs used to have odds of like 1:4 for a hit? If so, that kind of makes these look even worse for that price.

  3. You expect a fair amount of "junk wax" in one of these things, but this is way beyond that amount, especially at that price.