Friday, March 3, 2023

2021 Universal Treasures Baseball Box (Part 2)


Here's the second rack pack for the Universal Treasures Box I purchased. Is it better than the first?

Rack Pack 2 Section 1

1982 Topps Rod Carew
1983 Topps Gary Allenson
1980 Topps Charlie Hough
1985 Topps Pascual Perez
1988 Topps Wally Ritchie
1979 Topps Shane Rawley
1988 Topps Cal Ripken
1984 Topps Dave Dravecky
1988 Topps Eric King

1977 Topps Mike Anderson
1987 Topps Bill Caudill
1982 Topps Keith Moreland
1984 Topps Eddie Murray
1979 Topps Elias Sosa
1983 Topps Warren Cromartie
1982 Topps Ed Ott
1978 Topps Jim Rooker
1975 Topps Darrel Chaney

1984 Topps Don Hood
1983 Topps Larry Biittner
1975 Topps Bruce Miller
1982 Topps Amos Otis
1984 Topps Don Mattingly 
1976 Topps Dave Collins
1982 Topps Luis Leal
1986 Topps Traded Todd Worrell
1975 Topps Paul Casanova

Rack Pack 2 Section 2

1978 Topps Greg Minton
1984 Topps Dwight Evans
1980 Topps Ken Forsch
1985 Topps Glenn Wilson
1988 Topps Larry Parrish
1979 Topps Cleveland Indians Team Card 
1988 Topps Nolan Ryan
1980 Topps Tom Veryzer
1989 Topps Sid Fernandez

1977 Topps Dennis Leonard
1987 Topps John Morris
1982 Topps Juan Beniquez 
1984 Topps Wade Boggs
1987 Topps Jeff Robinson 
1983 Topps Ray Burris
1982 Topps Juan Berenguer
1978 Topps Henry Cruz
1979 Topps Jason Thompson 


1975 Topps Tommy Davis
1985 Topps Steve Trout
1979 Topps Catfish Hunter
1983 Topps Ron LeFlore
1975 Topps Lee Richards
1985 Topps Mike Scott
1980 Topps Milt May
1982 Topps Steve Carlton
1986 Topps Traded Bill Wegman (Really? Again?)

I think I'm being trolled. Not only am I getting 99% commons, I'm getting duplicates. I did get a 1984 Don Mattingly (which I didn't have) but so far this box has been horrifyingly bad. One of the things I don't understand about the YouTubers when I see them open products like this is their fascination with Hall of Famers. Yes, I got a Nolan Ryan and a Cal Ripken but it's 88 Topps. Who the f@#k cares? If you hoard cards like I do, you already have 30 of them.

Alright, I hope you'll join me in taking a deep breath and trudging through that 3rd rack pack next post.

What I'm Listening To While I Post This 

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  1. Yes, I have all of these cards. Great cards, but I don't need more. I'll have to check out videos on this, I'm sure I'll be amused ... or annoyed.

  2. The Mattingly rookie is fantastic. You could still get a lot of money for it here in NY.