Wednesday, April 7, 2021

2020 Topps Update Chrome Mega Box (Box 1)

During the last weeks of 2020 and the first couple of months of 2021 I was quite fortunate to find some boxes of cards at either Target or Walmart. That has since pretty much dried up (although I did see a bunch of 2021 Series 1 hangers at Target today but I don't need anymore), but before that I happened to find a shelf of 2020 Topps Update Chrome Boxes...and they were $19.99! I didn't know who was in the checklist, but I didn't care. I grabbed my boxes (limit of 3) and brought them home.

I'll make this three separate post for each box.

Pack 1

A decent first pack...the Alonzo being the biggest card of them.

Pack 2

First insert of the box...Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Decades Next.

Pack 3

Pack 4

The second insert of the box...a nice looking Jackie Robinson A Number's Game.

Pack 5

Nothing to see here.

Pack 6

Ken Griffey Jr. has 2 cards in this 100 card set...the All-Star card you see and a Home Run Derby card.

Pack 7

And ending with a relative whimper. Glad I only paid 20 bucks for it. I've got two more shots to counteract this yawner. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yeah, I found a box of this at Target as well. I was so unimpressed that I never posted it. I did pull that Jackie Robinson though and I like it.

  2. Lucky you were able to come across it! Don't know if I would have gotten the max of 3, but the way things are I probably would have considered it.