Friday, April 9, 2021

2020 Topps Chrome Update Mega Box (Part 2)

 Here's my second stab at getting a decent box.

Pack 1

The first pack has two duplicates from the first box. It also has one of the bigger rookies in the set (Kyle Lewis). 

Pack 2

Mike Trout, Mike Piazza and 2 more dupes.

Pack 3

2 duplicates in this pack as well. I wonder if that will be par for the course in this box.

Pack 4

Aristides Aquino rookie, Ozzie Albies insert...and 2 more dupes.

Pack 5

More of the same.

Pack 6

Only 1 dupe in this pack.

Pack 7

Finally, a pack without any dupes.

There are 28 cards per box. 11 of them were duplicates. That's 39%. 

This box had a couple of good cards, so it was better than the first but it still qualifies as a "dud". I have one box left to post and I'll give you a little is better than the first two.

Thanks for reading!

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