Thursday, September 28, 2017

2003-04 Parkhurst Original Six Boston

Normally when I'm just looking through dimeboxes at a card show, I'm looking for vintage (which in hockey terms for me is mid 80's or older). However, if I do find some "newer" releases that I have a bit of, then I'll grab those too.

This was a one hundred card set that if I remember correctly was five bucks a pack. There were sets made for all six teams known as the "Original Six"; Boston, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Montreal and Toronto.

So I ended up getting twenty-four cards for less than a half a pack.

I didn't collect much hockey during the early to mid 80's, so I missed all of the key rookie cards of that era. So while I'm not actively pursuing any of these sets, anytime I find any random cards (like this 1986-87 Topps Dale Hawerchuk) in my travels, it comes home with me.

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