Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sox on Cards

It's always exciting trading with someone for the first time. Everybody has different wants, needs and likes. Sometimes it takes me awhile to put together a trade package for someone, other times I can accomplish it very quickly.

Kerry from Cards on Cards is one of the bloggers that I could put a package together fairly quickly for. I had seen a few Cardinals cards (yes, Cardinals cards) that I was interested in.

Here are the cards that started the exchange:

2013 Topps Chasing History Lou Brock. This is one of the few Topps inserts from this year that I like, and the only subset I've considered chasing.

One of the many benefits of buying cards "on the cheap", is that I can usually get a nice selection of oddballs. I've gotten a pretty decent amount of the 1987 Kmart set, but I hadn't gotten the Gibson yet.

This is card from the 1985 Topps Collectors' Series set, which I had no idea even existed. Researching it, I found out it is a 44 card set and includes Grover Cleveland, George Sisler, Cy Young, Dan Quisenberry, and Dwight Gooden among others. Sadly in 1985 I would have had zero interest in this set, but now that I'm much older and a tad bit wiser, I definitely want it.

Of course, some Red Sox were also included. This isn't all of them, just a choice few.

2002 Topps Own The Game Derek Lowe. Trading Healthcliff Slocumb for him and Jason Varitek in my opinion cancels out the much maligned Jeff Bagwell for Larry Anderson trade.

2010 Upper Deck Supreme Jason Bay

1993 Upper Deck On Deck With Roger Clemens

2011 Topps Mini Clay Buchholz

2012 Topps Opening Day Hit The Cutoff Jacoby Ellsbury. The feeling around these parts is that he will be with another team next year. The team I hear the most is Seattle. Seattle?

1997 Upper Deck Predictor Mo Vaughn. One of my favorite players from the 90's Red Sox teams. His career kind of went south after he left the Red Sox as a free agent. The scan doesn't do the card justice, it looks pretty cool when you hold it up to a light.

2012 Topps Gold Standard Andre Dawson. While I was happy to see him as a Red Sox, his signing was one of the many examples of the Red Sox paying big money to get star players at the end of their career, rather than when they were productive.

2013 Topps Cut To The Chase Ted Williams. I like this insert set as well. Plus, it's Ted Williams.

2011 Topps Mini Carl Yastrzemski. One of my favorite players as a child.

Speaking of favorite players, here's Carlton Fisk on his 2009 Upper Deck Goudy Card.

This was one of the few Red Sox cards he sent me that I already had. But it's ok, because if I ever became a player collector, I would start with Ellis Burks.

1992 Donruss Gallery Of Stars Frank Viola. He played for some very bad Red Sox teams in the early 90's. One of my most vivid memories of him is watching him throw his glove into the stands in a moment of frustration.

2012 Topps Archives Cloth Sticker Kevin Youkilis. Ahh yes, my twin. Although nowadays the resemblence is not so apparent, as I've trimmed down the goatee and grown a beard.

Should you fear my beard? Only if you are afraid of gray.

2013 Topps Archives Mini Fred Lynn. Another one of my childhood favorites, and I love the late 70's uniforms. He was also a left handed batter, so I used to mimic his batting stance.

2002 Upper Deck Pedro Martinez WS. I never got to see him pitch in person. It seems every Red Sox game I attend, I get to see the fifth starter. Here's an example...the photo for the background of this blog was taken on June 15, 2007.
The starting pitcher?
Julian Tavarez.
Great selection of cards, Kerry! Thank you, and looking forward to trading again!


  1. I know how you feel about missing out on the aces. I have seen the following starters in all of the games I have been to: Aaron Sele, Tim Wakefield, Mark Portugal, Frank Castillo, David Wells, Jon Lester (in 2006), and Felix Doubront.