Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Even The Wife Digs The Shiny Purple Refractor

For some reason I feel like I'm taking a chance with that title.

A few weeks back Judson from "My Cardboard Habit" posted that he had acquired some 2013 Topps Chrome refractors and asked if any bloggers would be interested in them. I meekly asked that if he had any unwanted, ugly, despicable and useless Red Sox cards, I would give them a good home.

There was one.

The card came with an apology that there wasn't more, but I hope you all know by now that any generosity is extremely appreciated.

But since he took the time and effort to apologize, I'll take the time and effort to pretend to be mad.

I feel better now.
Since my wife's favorite color is purple, I dared disturb her while she was preoccupied with "Restaurant Impossible".
The wife approves.
Thanks Justin! Remember, Red Sox cards are useless and ugly. You don't want them. Send them to me.

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