Friday, May 13, 2022

Repacked Wax - Just The 70's

Back in September of last year (I've been slowly writing this post since November) I was taking a look at the website for Repacked Wax. Yes, the dismal beating I took from a box I bought previously had not deterred me from visiting the website now and then. Noticing that the 2nd Edition of "Just The 70's" had just been released (and I love 70's cards), I took the plunge.

I paid $129.99 (shipping was included). Quite steep I agree...but according to the description on their website they had acquired the following complete sets to put into these boxes.

1970 Topps (1 set)
1971 Topps (1 set)
1972 Topps (1 set)
1973 Topps (2 sets)
1974 Topps (2 sets)
1975 Topps (1 set)
1976 Topps (2 sets)
1977 Topps (3 sets)
1978 Topps (1 set)
1979 Topps (3 sets)
1979 Kelloggs (2 sets)

In addition, there was also going to be "some traded and misc./partial sets and singles and various extra stars". 

There were only going to be 100 boxes produced and each box would have 12 packs of 10 it comes out to just over a dollar a card. Every set was broken up and randomly spread across the 12,000 packs. So since every base card was included, you are going to get mostly commons. But there are a lot of decent rookie cards, 2nd year cards, etc., so you would think the odds of getting a few really good cards would be high, right?

Well, I'd seen three breaks of this on YouTube between ordering and receiving my box. None of the three produced any cards of note.


In the "Swing and a Pop Up" world, this doesn't mean that I have a better chance of pulling something crazy because 3 of the 100 boxes are out of the way, this means those videos were probably going to be a preview of my box.

One thing you must keep in mind when you open a box of Repacked Wax or anything must have very, very low expectations. To me these are like those "Card Chase boxes" where for 20 bucks you get a bunch of packs that you could buy anywhere else for a fraction of that price. 

So is my prediction correct or do I just have a negative attitude? Let's find out!

Pack 1

1978 Topps Tigers Team Card
1977 Topps Butch Wynegar
1979 Topps Stan Papi
1973 Topps Mike Lum
1976 Topps Ted Simmons
1979 Topps Ron Guidry
1972 Topps Bill Sudakis
1971 Topps Rookie Stars Mike Davison/George Foster
1977 Topps Willie Montanez
1975 Topps Checklist cards 1 - 132

Not a horrible start...thanks to the George Foster rookie (although it does suffer from condition issues). The 1972 Sudakis is a high number.

Pack 2

1978 Topps Charlie Hough
1974 Topps Jerry Grote
1976 Topps Bob Montgomery
1979 Kellogg's Dave Parker
1977 Topps Bob Tolan
1972 Topps Boyhood Photos of the Stars Rick Wise
1971 Topps Dan Frisella
1975 Topps Dan Spillner
1977 Topps Mike Jorgensen
1979 Topps Bucky Dent (Rub in that 1978 Red Sox disappointment some more, why don't you)

My first Kellogg's card of the box.

Pack 3

1978 Topps Reggie Cleveland
1976 Topps Gene Tenace
1970 Topps Luis Aparicio
1977 Topps Bob Randall
1972 Topps Ron Woods
1974 Topps George Hendrick
1979 Topps Taylor Duncan
1971 Topps Baseball Coins Checklist 1 - 153
1975 Topps Jim Palmer
1973 Topps Duke Sims

Love the 1978 Topps Red Sox cards (although Reggie Cleveland only pitched 1/3 of an inning for the Red Sox in 1978 before being sold to the Texas Rangers in mid-April).

Pack 4

1977 Topps Jerry Reuss
1975 Topps Jim York
1979 Topps Tom Hutton
1970 Topps Danny Walton
1979 Topps Manny Sarmiento
1978 Topps Dick Pole
1976 Topps Tug McGraw
1973 Topps Royals Team Card
1972 Topps Denny Riddleberger
1974 Topps Traded John Curtis

Pack 5

1973 Topps Al Fitzmorris
1975 Topps Amos Otis
1978 Topps Larry Cox
1977 Topps Jason Thompson
1972 Topps Rollie Fingers
1970 Topps Red Sox Team Card
1978 Topps John Mayberry
1977 Topps Record Breaker Minnie Minoso
1974 Topps John Edwards
1973 Topps Bruce Dal Canton

The badly miscut Al Fitzmorris is a high number.

Pack 6

1978 Topps Ed Ott
1974 Topps Ken Singleton
1976 Topps Dick Pole
1977 Topps Dan Spillner
1979 Kelloggs Geoff Zahn
1972 Topps Sparky Anderson
1971 Topps Donn Clendenon
1975 Topps Dave Duncan
1977 Topps Jon Matlack
1979 Topps Joaquin Andujar

Another Kellogg's card!

Pack 7

1976 Topps Reggie Smith
1978 Topps Graig Nettles
1970 Topps Rod Gaspar
1977 Topps Don Carrithers
1979 Topps Burt Hooton
1973 Topps Jim Hardin
1973 Topps Luis Melendez
1974 Topps Rich Hand
1979 Topps Jim Essian
1975 Topps Steve Foucault

What? This pack had 11 cards? A bonus common!

1975 Topps Ken Rudolph

Pack 8

1978 Topps Rob Sperring
1976 Topps John Candelaria
1970 Topps Checklist 133 - 263
1977 Topps Al Cowens
1972 Topps Ray Lamb
1974 Topps Jim Northrup
1975 Topps Terry Hughes
1973 Topps Boyhood Photos of the Stars Jim Hunter
1979 Topps Dick Ruthven
1971 Topps RBI Leaders Bench/Perez/Williams

Pack 9

1979 Topps J. R. Richard
1975 Topps Dave McNally
1974 Topps Gene Michael
1972 Topps Frank Duffy
1977 Topps Tom Walker
1971 Topps Ernie Banks
1979 Topps Dave Parker
1970 Topps Bill Hands
1976 Topps Rick Rhoden
1978 Topps Jack Brohamer

SPOILER ALERT! - The Ernie Banks was the best card of the box.

Pack 10

1977 Topps Big League Brothers Paul Reuschel/Rick Reuschel
1975 Topps Don DeMola
1979 Topps Geoff Zahn
1971 Topps Tom Phoebus
1979 Topps Tony Scott
1978 Topps Paul Hartzell
1976 Topps Dyar Miller
1973 Topps Jimmy Stewart
1972 Topps Reds Team Card
1974 Topps Traded Ron Santo

Another high number courtesy of Tom Phoebus.

Pack 11

1978 Topps Tug McGraw
1977 Topps Tito Fuentes
1979 Topps Blue Jays Prospects Cruz/Kelly/Whitt
1973 Topps Dave Johnson
1976 Topps Dave Moates
1979 Topps Freddie Patek
1974 Topps Jeff Burroughs
1970 Topps Bob Didier
1977 Topps Jim Todd
1976 Topps Sal Bando

Dave Johnson is a high number.

Pack 12

1978 Topps Dave Goltz
1977 Topps Ken Brett
1979 Topps Ed Halicki
1973 Topps Bill Stoneman
1976 Topps Jim Barr
1979 Topps Skip Lockwood
1972 Topps In Action Pat Corrales 
1971 Topps White Sox Team Card
1979 Topps Tony Perez
1976 Topps Tippy Martinez

Pat Corrales is also a high number.

Here's the final tally:

1970 - 7 cards
1971 - 8 cards
1972 - 10 cards
1973 - 11 cards
1974 - 10 cards
1975 - 11 cards
1976 - 13 cards
1977 - 18 cards
1978 - 12 cards
1979 - 21 cards

Not surprising was that most of the cards were from the late 70's as most of the sets the cards were pulled from was that time period. What was not surprising was the lack of any star power. I didn't tally up how much value I got from the box but I'm pretty sure I fell short of the $129.99 I paid for it. All told, it was an enjoyable (albeit expensive) experience. 

Thanks for reading!

What I'm Listening To While I Post This 

Footloose - Kenny Loggins


  1. All cards I love, but I also have almost all of them, too, so there's no way I'd take a chance on this.

  2. I like seeing these repack breaks - it gives me an idea of what is actually in them and confirms my general suspicions about the types of cards seeded into these products.

  3. Realistically, how many cards from the 1970s are worth even close to $129? I mean, someone's going to pull the 1973 Mike Schmidt rookie, and that's worth more, I suppose. What else? Not too many big rookies in the sets that precede 1973...Munson, Blyleven, maybe a few others. Honestly that Foster is one of the best rookies from the early 1970s you could have gotten. 1975 has a few HOF rookie cards, but none of them are all that valuable. I'm shopping for a Gary Carter rookie from that year and I see them for just a few bucks. The 1975 minis are worth more, but they don't seem to be included. Nothing from the late 1970s is worth anything like that.

    There's certainly value in cards of the big superstars from the early 1970s--Ryan, Seaver, Aaron, Mays, Clemente, and a few others. But I paid maybe 10 to 15 bucks for my 1970 Seaver a few years ago.

    In short, well, it looks very nicely packaged and all, but the odds of getting $129 of value from the box seems pretty small. You'd basically have to hit the Schmidt or get at least three big cards. Maybe I'm forgetting something important, but they can't be much.

  4. Bummer you didn't get your money's worth, but thanks for showing them off!

  5. Lack of any star power? You got 5 Hall of Famers.....?

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