Tuesday, May 11, 2021

2021 Topps Series 1 Gravity Feed Box


I walked into my LCS a bit ago and found something I had only seen in retail stores. A gravity feed box of baseball cards. There were a few in stock and they were priced at $99 for 36 packs which seemed to be a pretty decent price (a few weeks later the remaining were $139). I had no idea what types of inserts or relics would be in these types of boxes...I was just hoping that from this and the couple of hanger boxes I had purchased earlier that I could complete the set.

So here are some of the highlights:

I pulled two of most cards...thankfully star cards as well as commons.

I think this was the only photo variation. If there was another I didn't notice it.

These aren't pink...they just scanned that way. They are actually shiny silver.

These are the Chrome versions.

Nice to pull a Red Sox player.

Now for the hits...there were two...a relic and an auto.

I like it. It only goes for a few bucks on eBay (not that I was planning on selling it) but at least it wasn't Freddie Freeman.

I did a post a ways back about my disdain for hobby boxes based on the fact that I'm paying a lot for an autograph and the one I pull always sucks.

I mean (almost) always sucks.

Thanks for reading!

(I haven't sorted everything to see if I need any cards to finish the set. I'll put up a want list shortly if I do.)

What I'm listening to while I post this:

Bo Diddley - A Man Amongst Men


  1. Let me know if you'd trade one of those two Bohm #277 base Cup cards.

  2. That seems like the only way to buy gravity feed packs - take the entire box! Nice to know that you basically get two of each base card from one of those.

  3. Nice Buehler!

    (The rest of the 2021 stuff, not so nice).

  4. Excellent hits!

    If that gravity feeder box was meant for retail (I'm thinking it is because it looks like there's 16 cards per pack, which is what retail packs contain), then I'm curious how the LCS is getting them. It would be sad if LCS employees are amongst the flippers, getting them for the store.

  5. Just my guesses on where the LCS gets retail product from:

    There are instances where local card shops encourage flippers to turn over their finds for some quick cash. It might be a case of a backdoor agreement between the retail outlet, maybe a 'rogue' employee and the card shop.

    The distributors the LCS gets their cards from may also make it where they probable have access to some retail versions of card products - maybe in some cases, the only thing available in the meantime for the LCS to pick up.

  6. I've never seen someone buy a whole box of these before. That was kind of interesting.

  7. Always wanted to buy a full gravity feeder but haven't been able to. Fun post.