Tuesday, January 19, 2021

2020 Bowman Platinum (Box 1)

Hello everybody...long time no blog. There isn't anything wrong with your computer...this is actually a new post from me.

Like most collectors, I have witnessed empty card aisles at Wal-Mart and Target for pretty much all of 2020. However, recently I happened to find two lonely boxes of 2020 Bowman Platinum sitting on the shelf. I don't normally buy this product but after scanning the area to make sure it wasn't a mirage or a setup, I brought them to the self service register (that doesn't take cash) to purchase. 

They were $44.95 a piece...for 23 cards. Yikes! That's why I don't buy these.

So I brought them home...where they sat unopened for awhile so I could finish opening my box of 2020 Topps Update (another stellar purchase). 

The box proudly states that there are 2 Chartreuse Parallels and 1 autograph card inside! Whoopee!

So let's get the shrink wrap off and take a look inside.

Looks like a package of small expensive Pop-Tarts.

Here's the first card:

Here's the back...not bad. I've always enjoyed reading the backs of cards. Some issues I can't read the back because the print is too small or the color selection leaves something to be desired. 

Here are the rest. There were ten base cards and ten prospect cards.

Here is the back of the prospect cards. Unfortunately the black font on a grey background is unreadable to me unless I have a light shining right on it. I'm sure you would need 20/20 vision in order to read this without a 100 watt bulb over your shoulder. I used to have 20/20 vision...three decades ago.

Here are more of the prospects...which I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I know none of these people.

And the last prospect plus my two charreuse parallels.

And the autograph is...

Ryan Jeffers. 

Like all of the other prospects...no idea.

Does your initials count as your signature? If somebody asked him to "sign here and initial there", would he do the same thing twice? I need to know this.

I would have to say this was pretty underwhelming for 45 bucks. I will take a page from many a YouTube commenter and sarcastically say "I don't see the value."...which loosely translates into "I can't flip this for four or five times what I paid for it." Apparently there seems to be a growing number of people who think that Topps or Panini or whoever are in business to make them money. From someone who bought a lot of 1991 O-Pee-Chee-Premier I can tell you that is definitely not the case (no pun intended).

At the beginning of the post I mentioned I bought two boxes. Next post...the next box!


  1. Maybe you'll pull a Luis Robert auto :). These cards are .18 each (SportLots) with only a few, very few exceptions even the base Robert is only $4.00, the Kyle Lewis $2.50, and Lux $2.00

  2. Welcome back sir! Hopefully you'll have more posts planned!

  3. I have nothing to add as far as the cards go, but it is nice to see a new post from you. Hopefully you'll be able to stick around for a little bit :)

  4. I've been paying so little attention to modern cards that I've received some of these in the mail from fellow traders and I had no idea what they were.

    "I don't see any value" ... do they really say this?

  5. Bowman Platinum used to be shiny. Not anymore?