Wednesday, May 24, 2017

1982 Brigham's/Coca-Cola Red Sox Set

One of my "finds" at one of the recent card shows I attended was a dealer that had boxes of 3 card packs of the 1982 Brigham's/Coca-Cola Red Sox set. Even though the dealer wanted a buck a pack, I still bought several of them.

It was a twenty-two card set (not including the title card...which was in every pack).

Included in this pack along with Dennis Eckersley was...

...Rick Miller...

...and Gary Allenson.

Sadly, with all the packs I bought, I wasn't able to get all the cards for the set.

Right now I'm missing:

2. Tom Burgmeier
15. Chuck Rainey
18. Bob Stanley
20. Mike Torrez
22. Carl Yastrzemski

So if anybody has any of those five cards, I'd be willing to make a trade for them. I also have some dupes as well.

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  1. During the summer of '82 I spent a lot of paper route money at Brigham's on peppermint stick ice cream with jimmies and packs of those cards. Sadly, Brigham's went out of business and the cards got tossed a few years later when I discovered girls...